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stomach swelling
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stomach swelling

i am suffering from stomach problem for 5-6 years

from start i am facing stomach swelling ,i do not now why?
i fell like air in stomach

i have no appetite from past years to now

i eat food without appetite ,this increases swelling in stomach
it started,and day by day increases .
along with this loose motion also started ,
after sometime i came to knew when doctors ask few questions that gas or air also do not passes before stool
and this is from childhood
i mean i never feel that gas passes during stool
at those days i fell stool 2-3 times a day, but it passes in small quantity.

also 2-3 drops passes before passing urine

do you understand what kind of problem can be this?
actually there are other things which i also want to discuss but please first tell which thing arise the problem?
i want from where it started?

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To me, this sounds like an intolerance to some food that you are eating every day.  First, you should try cutting out all lactose in your diet and see if that helps.  If that doesn't help, see if cutting out a different food will help.
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I would recommend keeping a food diary and seeing what foods you eat the most.  Then, I would try one of the allergy elimination diets where you eat only foods for a few days that are almost never reacted to and start adding 1 food at a time to see if you react to it.

I also would suggest seeing a gynecologist, and making sure that all is well with your internal female organs.  Some ovarian problems can mimic GI problems, and it would be  good for you to rule out any ovarian problems.

Irritable bowel can also cause gas/  diarrhea/ constipation and bloating, and  can be well controlled by eliminating foods that do not agree with you.

Good luck!  
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