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Bloodwork/Urinalysis Test Results Both Concerning and Confusing
Hi there; I have been battling, what appears to be, some form of proctitis/colitis for the past 2 months. After initial bloodwork a month and a half ago everything looked normal except for decreased levels of alkaline phosphatase (38U/L). and a borderline LDL of 130mg.

After a flex sig confirming proctitis w/ negative biopsy, STD tests revealing negative for any significant infections and 2 medication runs of 250mg of Flagyl for 10 days & 500mg for 7 days with no real change I decided to personally go and get updated bloodwork done a week after I took my last Flagyl pill. I am noticing a few normal/high and high/abnormal numbers that spiked in the relatively short time frame between 7/21 and 9/9. I decided to post my current borderlined or low/high test numbers plus any important numbers for anyone w/ the time/personal experience to pass on some insight if they could:

BUN: 17mg (normal/borderline)
Creatine: 0.87mg
B/C Ratio: 20 (high)
Sodium: 141mmol (normal/borderline)
Calcium: 10mg (borderline)
Phosphorus: 4.3mg (borderline)
Albumin: 5.0g (normal/borderline)
Globulin: 2.4g
A/G Ratio: 2.1 (normal/borderline)
Direct Bilirubin: 0.20mg
Indirect Bilirubin: 0.80mg (borderline)
Total Bilirubin: 1.0mg (borderline)
Alkaline Phosphatase: 28 IU (dropped 10 I/U)
ALT (sgpt): 29 IU
Lipase: 25U
Amylase: 68U

Total Cholesterol: 275mg (High)
HDL: 58mg
LDL: 206mg (High; spiked from 130)
Triglycerides: 55mg
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: 4.7
Estimated Coronary Heart Disease Risk: 0.9 (borderline)

WBC: 3.1u/L (low; dropped from 4.3)
RBC: 5.19u/L
Hemoglobin: 16.5g (borderline)
MCV: 94fL (borderline)
MCH: 31.8pg (borderline)
Lymphs: 43% (borderline)
Eos: 3%
Basos: 1%
Absolute Neutrophils 1.4U/L (low)

Iron: 115ug
Total Iron Binding Capacity: 203ug (low)
UIBC: 88 (low)
Iron Saturation 57% (high)

Vitamin b12: 550pg
Folic Acid: >19.9ng

Gravity: 1.027
pH: 6.0
Color: Yellow
Appearance: Turbid (abnormal)
WBC: Negative
Protein: Negative
Glucose: Negative
Ketones: Trace (abnormal)
Occult Blood: Negative
Bilirubin: Negative
Urobilinogen: 0.2mg
Nitrite: Negative

I am going to see my GI Doctor in a few days, but would really like some responses regardidng these numbers beforehand to prepare me for any news/medication/further testing the doctor may give me. I am 27 years old and have been a healthy person my entire life except for these last few months of Hell. Please help; thank you for your time and bless your heart.
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Just to update:
My GI looked over my numbers and he is basically perplexed; he doesn't know what to do so he just ordered the works for me: A CT Scan of my abdomen/pelvis, Chest x-ray, Upper GI Endo and small bowel series and a colonoscopy.... good times.

He also referred me to a Hematologist regarding my Cholesterol, low WBC and Neutrophils... question is should I just go get a follow-up CBC/CMP/Lipid Profile and a TSH before I see the Hematologist so he can already have a head start? I'm afraid that my numbers may have been a bit jumpy because I had stopped taking that Flagyl 6 days prior to thiese tests and Flagyl is known to lower WBC and Neutrophils.

I know it is going to take about a week to see the hematologist JUST so he can say "I want you to get this blood test and that blood test done" and it is going to take ANOTHER week or so to see him again after that.

This process is going at a snail's pace and god forbid that this is something serious; early detection is key and it has already taken over 3 months to get to this point. Anything I can do to speed it up I will do; I just want to make sure I am justified and not wasting money.
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