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I'm always feeling hot and sweaty
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I'm always feeling hot and sweaty

im 25 old female i always feel hot and sweaty and its supposed to be winter and everyone else is freezing next to me while im wearing as less clothes as i can,,i dont know whats wrong with me plz help....and im always mad and active and i have trouble sleeping at night ,,i have the sleeping problem now for 2 years
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The best thing got do is see your Dr and tell him/her about your symptoms.
Are you taking any kind of medication? Have you had ever had your thyroid checked? Are you having any other symptoms like weight loss?
A GYN can check to see if it is early menopause with a simple blood test. The GYN can also give you other ideas about what's going wrong.
I have the same problem.  I lived in NY and when I was 10, in the winter everyone at the bus stop would hold my hands because I was burning hot.  I moved down to Miami when I was 23.  Boy did my internal heat wave go beserk!  Now I've been diagnosed with hiper-hidrosis which is a condition where you sweat excessively.  There are a few different treatments for that which I found the ionic treatment to work the best.

The hotness inside, especially when it comes from an emotion, is anxiety.  Even though you may not feel like you are anxious, maybe you're feeling angry at the moment, but the anxiety is there underneath the anger. Anger problems also come from depression.  I am also diagnosed with severe depression.  Depression and anxiety can cause sleep problems.  Trust me, I've had it all.

Instead of running to a psychologist, try some natural mood altering thought altering ideas.
First, mediation is a must.  It is the best way to clear your head (especially in the mornings) to conquer what will be thrown at you that day.  Its a good way to end the day as well and help your brain slow down and enter relazation mode.  Use a guided meditation and sit somewhere where you will not be distracted by noise.  Make sure it is somewhere that brings you peace of mind and you are comfortable.

Second, if you are getting emotional and feeling the hotness coming on, redirect yourself from the situation for a moment.  Asked to be excused, bathroom break or whatever, and do a mini-meditation.  Take deep breaths, clear your mind, maybe even splash some cold water on your face.  Ask yourself if the situation is going to matter in five years, is it really that important or should you let it go.

Physical problems are usually a symptom of a deeper mental or emotional issue going on inside.  Even if you don't realize it.  So you may have to dig deep to recognize what it is.  I am 28 and I'm just realizing all of this.

One last thing - if you still cannot sleep at night, take a Benadryl.  It is a non-narcotic and virtually harmless if used properly.

I hope you feel cooler soon :)
I would check with your gyn and ask for a hormonal blood work panel, you could be entering into peri-menopause.
thanks a LOT i really appreciate it :) thanx for the effort
my period if fine,,,i had a hormonal blood test and thyroid test but i didn't get the result yet
i'm not taking any medication and nothing changed with my weight :)

i have a LOT of emotional problems lol maybe thats why :)

and u scared me about the peri-menopause lool i hope its not my case
i'm going to see my blood test results and wish for the best
Thanks a lot again :)
I am the same way. I am 23 years old and going insane in this winter weather with all the heat on in the house. My room is always super hot and my boyfriend is still freezing under the blanket. Last summer my boyfriend froze under a fan inside while we were sleeping cause I could not sleep in that heat. He has now needed to curl up with me at night to keep warm because I have to turn the heater down at night or I will roast and sweat like crazy. I haven't had any weight gain or loss, no change in foods or dietary plans. My period is normal for me. I haven't been to the doctor in years and that's what i might have to do if i don't find a solution soon. All this being overly hot is worrying my boyfriend and I would really just like it to stop. I remember always being really hot as a child, but any cold wind outside would freeze me (hot insides, cold outside.. doesn't make sense to me).

I need some help without going to the doctor please, I can't afford it.
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