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Living life to its best potential
"Before April 2010 reasons for living were just a handful; not much effort was put into living our lives to the fullest. Every day for us was just that, another day, nothing special." -Agudo Family.

On April 10th, 2010 their views on living life were forever changed when their son, Christopher, made the decision that he no longer had any reason to live and tried to end his life. Living Is So Big started as a campaign. Only a "handful" of reasons were simply not enough. This family was going to take whatever steps were necessary to save their son's life. So, a plea for help went out into cyberspace: "Please give us a reason why our son should want to live. Send us your priceless thought so that we can save his life." People were touched and wanted to help. They started writing in with reasons why they were happy and why they appreciated their lives.

For the Agudo family, living life itself no longer carries just a "handful of reasons". Through the help of strangers, the realization was made that living itself is so big, and life itself should always be appreciated. Today, Jesus (father), Iliana (mother), Christopher (son), Stephen (brother), newcomers Jonathan Marbois-Segall and Will Rivera, and others are touring the United States to reach people with the desire to effect a positive change in their lives. To date, they have traveled over 17,000 miles and have visited 60 cities. They go to high schools, universities, stores, and events spreading the message of Universal Life Appreciation.

LISB spreads awareness about the positive and uplifting moments in life that most of us tend to pass over, forget, or take for granted. It has become easy for us, in this day and age, to focus on the aspects of life that make us feel uncomfortable. It seems we have been conditioned to dwell in feelings of sorrow and despair. This narrow form of thinking ultimately blinds us from the bigger picture; that Living Is So Big. They are helping people realize that the world and everything in it is beautiful.

Regardless of what anyone is going through, it is the intention of LISB to make their day brighter, and more fulfilling. They want to assist people in finding their own reasons to continue living. They want to help people develop genuine appreciation for the little things in life. Throughout their website, you will find people from every walk of life promoting their own personal reasons why Living Is So Big. Each reason is equally important and profound. You are encouraged to share yours!

"Help us spread Universal Life Appreciation throughout the world. Together we can make someone’s day a little better. And whether we reach one individual or billions, a smile created is beyond priceless. Your reason may just save a life!"

LISB is gaining support all over the world, reaching many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Mexico, Egypt, France and many more. Join in on the fun and help others realize that Living Is So Big.

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