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Need a Doctor in Columbus
Hi my name is Ben I don't currently have a doc and need one. I live in Powell Ohio. I need a Doc, Psychiatrist, or addictionologist to prescribe 20 mg of methadone a day. I know You are probably like OH BOY.

I have been a drug addict for 5 years and have a great Job as an Animator/Programmer, so needless to say I've spent thousands this year on opiates alone.

I'm tired of it. I'm tired of it.

I can blow the most amazing amounts of money on drugs, but then a funny thing happened...

My dealer got some methadone.

I have now been self prescribing (street prescribing) a slowly decreasing dose of methadone (methadose what-ev) for two months. He ran out and all I could get was Oxycontin... and I blew 400 on it.

I'm not very strong and I've been doing this for years so if you don't want to be my doc you don't need to tell me the obvious.

I was able to get some more methadone and now I've begun working out and jogging again. No cravings.

I have my life back. People at my work are even saying my eyes look less purple (bags).

I don't wanna do this illegally anymore. I only need 20 mg of methadone a day. And you will single-handedly save my life.

I'll even submit to blood-work or whatever to make sure I'm taking the prescribed amount.

I've tried everything and this is the answer....Everything..... I have Anthem insurance and am a really nice guy.


please see me soon.

Love you


PS: I have back pain too, but I can take ibuprophen for that. Just being honest. Everyone can they just don't want too.


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