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Pectus Excavatum - Hereditary / Surgery
I've been doing a lot of reading and research on Pectus Excavatum because by 6 month son appears to have the this.  I've read several places it IS known to be hereditary, so its very likely I passed it on to him as I also have the 'funnel chest'.  There is corrective surgery which is non-invasive, called the 'Nuss procedure', and I'm trying to determine if its something I should keep on my radar for my son.

Personally, this condition put me through psychological issues growing up as I felt I stood out from others, however, later on in life I realized no one really cares.  The real problem was physically with my heart, and lungs.  I begin having heart problems when I was in 8th grade (13 years old).  The doctors continual told me the Pectus Excavatum had NOTHING to do with my increased heart rate, flutters, and shortness of breath.  Everything I've read, or people I've talked to with this same condition, have told me they went through some of the same things I went through.  Others who have had corrective surgery say their problems went away.  At 23 years old, I've noticed the heart/lung problems are going away.  

Now, the average age for the Nuss procedure is 10 years old.  I think I want my son to have this surgery so he doesn't have to go through the same problems I did during his teenage years.  The surgery is 60 minutes long, but takes 6 days in the hospital, and up to 4 - 6 months to recover.  I think I would have done it if I knew there were doctors that would listen and take my 'self-diagnosis' seriously.  Most doctors think Pectus Excavatum is purely cosmetic, which I do not believe personally.  

Anyways, just thought I would share this.  Appreciate comments/suggestions or criticisms :)
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