Red line across the left eye
by wyzeladie, Jan 26, 2011
For the past two weeks since I have had  a red line aross my left eye. it doesnt burn, nor does it itch, and my eye is not dry or lactating any mucus.
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by M_Pounce, Jan 27, 2011
Ew.... lactating mucus.  I think you mean discharge. ;-)

Do you have a picture or example of what you mean?  Does the line cross the colored portion of your eye? (If it does, don't bother responding and don't wait for an answer - go to the doctor!)

It's most likely a broken blood vessel.  They are usually the result of increased pressure (like from a coughing fit) or trauma (smacking yourself in the face.... or rubbing your eyes vigorously).  Without a picture, I wouldn't postulate any further though.  

Good luck!