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Hi everyone,

I have been suffering from shingles for about 8 months. They keep breaking out.They just barely broke out to the right side of my spine. I have them on both sides of my body. They are very painfull. I have been very ill and not able to go out and feel well. Occasionally I go out for bits of time, but it is difficult because of the pain.

This has been a long going process. Before shingles broke out the doctor could not figure out what I had only that my white blood cell count was high. We had done many blood tests and I had given up. Then a little rash appeared... then came on the low grade fever,headaches,and panic attacks from the pain. It was so dreadfull.

Anywho it's been a while and I need some advice on who I should consult and how. My parents can not afford the doc right now. We do know a friend who is a doctor and many times weve tried to get ahold of him and we will keep trying to show him some photos and stuff.

I am very unwell and really need some help. Shingles also make me very moody and depressed, i just want to know if that is normal. Theyve made me act pretty odd at times, things i wouldnt do just because of shingles depression.

So anyone who can help please do and I will respond logically. Please do not suggest anything illogical like flying out of state or paying to see a doc. We do not have those oppurtunites. Thanks! I'd love advice. Has anyone else had shingles so long?
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     This is an old post and I hope that you don't have shingles any more.  However, if they should rear their ugly head again - Dr. Mark Stengler (natural Dr.) recommends Apis malefica, Lachesis, and /or rhus toxicodendron.  These are natural remedies for Shingles available at a health food store.

Wishing you the best.
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