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Should I have this surgery???

CT imaging does not demonstrate abnormality of the right femur or muscles of the right thigh. CT imaging demonstrates a 6 x 9 x 9 milimeter superficial subdermal noncalcified mass in the posterior subcutaneous soft tissue of the mid right thigh. This mass demonstrates some slight contrast enhancement. The findings are nonspecific and multiple considerations would include subcutaneous lymph node, neuroma, fibroma, sarcoma, or other soft tissue tumor such as melanoma. Density does not suggest dermoid or sebaceous cyst. Biopsy should be considered.
IMP; 9mm noncalcified subdermal enhancing mass. multiple possible etiologies including metastatic disease and melanoma.
PLEASE NOTE: an ultra sound was done on this same mass one month ago and then the mass measured 2 x 6 mm.

UPDATE:well i went to see the surgeon, and im so confused even still. wondering what to do?? The CT  referred to above clearly states that this is a "non-calcified mass' and when i seen the surgeon today he said he thought it mite be a calcified vein. i told him and even showed him the report and he said and i quote 'Those results dont mean anything".. not only was i upset that he is so UN-CONCERNED. but he said he thought there wasnt anything for me to be concerned about. and said i shouldnt bother with a biopsy, but if i wanted to do it anyway he would do it. Concerned because he wont do an Aspiration Biopsy.. he said it will have to be an Open Biopsy..SHOULD I LET HIM DO THIS??  IF ITS CANCER WONT IT SPREAD MORE QUICKLY AFTER BEING OPENED UP?? and what are the chances that this could be benign??
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