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Solve this mystery (until I can see my doctor)
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Solve this mystery (until I can see my doctor)

I posted this on March 1:

"23 year old male.
Encounter with an escort (yeah I regret it).
Condom used.

We were both naked, she lay on top of me. (Genital to Genital contact)
69 (sorry for the term but quickest way to describe it) for only a few seconds during which I did give her oral, then ended that position
She continued to give me oral.

Got a little spot near my anus. Went to see the doctor and he said it definitely is NOT herpes.

Here's what's making me unsure:
The spot's been there for more than a week now. It burns mildly from time to time.
I get a little bit of tingling in my penis maybe a couple times a day (but according to him that's me thinking about it too much).
Didn't tell the doctor she was an escort (couldn't bring myself to do it).

I know I can't be sure until 3 months have past and I do an IGG blood test (as I've read online).

When I try to check the area in the mirror  I see nothing (not even a spot). And this is with me holding my iPhone's camera flash to the area to make sure.

So I have to questions:
1) Can it still be herpes? and
2) If it isn't, what else could it be?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long-ish read, but I'm quite curious and worried (as you'd imagine)."

Almost 3 weeks after that, the same spot near my anus started to burn mildly again, but I couldn't feel or see any physical sign of why it was burning. I went to see the doctor and he said again that it is not herpes.

I'm going to try and go for an IgG just to be sure about this even though I think my doctor is going to be fed up of hearing about this from me.

What I'm experiencing currently is the following:
Red testicles with brown spots on the bottom. They itch from time to time. They also are "pulled up", rather than hanging.
Inner buttocks was burning for about a week. Doctor said that I had an anal fissure. Doubt this because I had no pain during bowel movements or wiping, so I don't know about that one.
Felt a couple pains in my toes.

Could this possibly be something I picked up at the gym? The only two new things in my life at the time the first spot appeared on my anus were the escort and I had started going to the gym (around 1 month prior). The gym is my university's gym, which means a ton of students, so it could be some bacteria from some machine. I also don't like to shower there, and sometimes I have to stay at university for the rest of the day to study, which means I won't have my shower until the next morning, so it could be fungal.

Any help would be awesome, thanks in advance, and, again, sorry for the long read.
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Yes, it could be a fungal problem.

Candida Albicans is on our body and when this gets out of hand it causes Thrush.

I am surprised the doctor didn't give you any indication what this is and how to treat it.

Thrush is a fungal problem and as well as getting it on the genital area and inside the groin, you can also get it in the mouth.
It can be passed on through having sex with someone who has Thrush, having a sugary diet, diabetes or from use of antibiotics.

Do not use harsh soaps down below as soaps are drying and can aggravate the situation.  

You can get Canesten or Canesten HC for thrush over the counter at the pharmacy.  The pharmacist may have other antifungal creams that he may recommend.

For Thrush in the mouth Daktarin gel is used.

Have a healty diet, drink plenty of water and also drink live yogurt.  You can also apply live yogurt to the genital area to help too.

Don't know about the pains in your toes.  Could be from overusing the gym equipment (I damaged my fibrial posterial tendon using the treadmill); arthritis.  If the pains are inbetween your toes and the skin is red and sore, this is a fungal yeast infection call Althlete's Foot, which can be picked up in shower rooms.  Keep your feet clean and dry and wear cotton socks.

Best wishes.
Thank you so much for the reply jemma. I would just like to ask: could this fungal infection be the cause of getting that spot on the side of my buttocks/near my anus?
Sorry, I do not know the answer to that.  

If it still there and not healed and starts to get bigger and painful with or without puss, go back to the doctor as you may need an antibiotic.  

It could be from that or it may be an infected follicle or a inflamed sweat gland a blind boil or an abcess (abscess) forming.

Just keep the area clean and dry and wear cotton underwear.

Unfortuantely as we age, we get all sorts of problems.

Best wishes
Thanks again jemma, you're great. The spot near my anus/on the inner buttock healed 5 days after showing up, just curious as to what caused it.

What has happened just today is that I felt a pain in the left side of the head of my penis and right then, a few pinkish spots appeared on that area. I am now again concerned that this is herpes and can't think of anything else. If it isn't that, then what other infection would cause this? What else can make my testicles red then move to my penis?

I'm sorry for all the questions but I can't see the doctor until Monday.
The symptoms you describe on your penis sound that you probably have Balanitis.  

As you have access to the computer, it will be easier for you to read all the information on Balantis on the web.  But briefly this can be from an infection, thrush, and other reasons.

Keep the area clean, draw back the foreskin to clean too.  Do not use harsh soaps.  The doctor will be able to confirm what it is and will either treat it with antibiotics or a antifungal cream.

Balantis can happen to men who are not circumcised at any age even as young as 4.  My grandson had it last year.

Best wishes.
I am circumsized though.
I also got this near my lips

To the left of my lip you can see a timy bit of spots and one that is off to the right. What is this? Does it have anything to do with what I'm experiencing genitally?
I knew you were going to say that :)

I have copied and pasted some information (saves me typing it all out) below of the causes of balanitis to help you understand the condition.  Although the information I have read says it can happen to males who are not circumcised, it does not say that it does not happen to circumcised men.  So if your hygiene is poor or you get infections, bacterial or fungal or other, it does not exclude circumcised men from getting it.
There are many different causes of balanitis and I have listed some below:-

Poor hygiene around this area, combined with a tight foreskin, can lead to irritation by smegma. Smegma is a cheesy-like substance which forms under the foreskin if the glans (glands) under the foreskin is not cleaned. This is the most common cause of balanitis.

Various germs that live on the skin in small numbers may multiply and cause infection. A common cause of infection is with a yeast called candida. Candida commonly lives on our skin and can sometimes cause Thrush.   Drinking live yogurt with the good bacteria cultures helps.

You may already have had inflammation of the penis due to an allergy or irritant and this would cause Balanitis.

I you have diabetes and it is not well-controlled and the urine contains sugar. After going to the toilet, drops of urine which contain sugar may remain behind the foreskin and allow germs to multiply easily.

Infections that are sexually transmitted also can cause Balanitis.
For example, genital herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea. The symptoms of urethritis include pain when you pass urine, and a discharge that comes from the urethra.

Allergy and irritants can cause Balanitis because the skin of the glans (glands) is sensitive. It may 'react' and become inflamed if it comes in contact with various chemicals or other substances. For example:
1.  If you do not wash under your foreskin, old skin, urine, sweat, and other 'debris' can collect there. This may irritate the glans (glands) and may lead to inflammation.
2.  Certain soaps and disinfectants that you may use to clean the penis.
3.  Over-washing or scrubbing may also irritate the delicate skin of the glans (glands).
4.  Condoms, spermicides, the lubricant in condoms, and lubricants used when having sex can all irritate the glans (glands).
5.  Chemicals spilt on your hands may be transferred to the penis when you go to the toilet.
6.  Some washing powders or fabric conditioners that are not rinsed well from underpants.  Best to use unbiological washing detergents.

Some skin disorders may cause a balanitis, or be mistaken for a balanitis, like psoriasis and Lychen Planus and some other uncommon skin conditions can affect the penis.
Your doctor will be able to easily diagnose balanitis by the red and inflamed look of the end of the penis.   Sometimes the likely cause can be determined by the look of the inflammation. If the inflammation is caused by Candida it often looks quite typical. So, in certain cases your doctor is able to diagnose the cause and advise on treatment straight away.

If your doctor is not sure about the cause, or the balanitis does not clear with treatment, your doctor may suggest other treatments and tests.

egardless how Balanitis was caused, the following is advised:-

1.  Avoid soaps when inflammation is present. You can use an emollient (moisturiser cream or ointment) to clean instead of soap.
2.  Use luke warm water to clean your penis and then dry gently.
3.  Some people find that salt baths are soothing whilst treatment takes effect.

The treatment for Balantitis depends on the cause.

Use a condom each and every time you have sex with a new sexual partner.  If you allergic to latex (I am), there are different one available now.

If you work with chemicals or oils wash your hands before using the toilet. Also do not keep any oily rags in your pocket (I know some mechanics do that and this causes a irritation to the skin).

Hope you get on alright

Best wishes.
Again jemma, thanks a ton, I'll as my doctor about this. Would you happen to know anything about the photo of my lips though?
I also get itching around the lips sometimes as well.
Had a look at the picture.  Does look like a rash of some sort.  
Show that to your doctor too.

It could be a fungal, bacterial, or an allergic reaction.

You will probably need a cream that is antifungal and antibacterial.
Your doctor will prescribe you the right cream for that.

Do not touch your face after touching yourself down below because you will spread bacteria.

The spots have not wept and crust over (yet), but if they start to do that, then it will be impetigo which is highly contageous. It could be start of impetigo.   If it is that then do not share towels, pillows etc. and the antifungal/antibacterial cream (like Trimovate or what the doctor prescribes) will sort it out.

I don't think it is the normal cold sore, because they tend to be nearer the lip area.  

With regard to the lips that itch sometimes, keep a diary to record foods and drinks you consume, because you may be allergic to something you are eating or drinking.  So jot it down to see if there is a connection.  I started to get itchy lips after eating goats cheese, so I realised that I am allergic to goats cheese so do eat it.

Always wash your hands after using the toilet, and before using the toilet if you work with "dirty and contaminate" products.

Let me know how you get on with your doctor.

Best wishes.

It seems to be more of fungal/bacterial down there as well. Had a look at Balanitis, it seems to be a lot more extreme than what I am experiencing, and seeing as how I'm circumcised, it reduces the likelihood as well.

Would it change anything or help if I told you have the same sort of thing on the other side of my lips too?

Thanks jemma. I guess that sorts out most of what I'm what experiencing; the only thing left to figure out is what caused that spot on my inner buttocks two to two-and-a-half weeks after being with that woman. It was painful, sore, and burning. I couldn't feel any spot when I tried touching the area at first, then I could feel a bump which went away after five days.

I'll let you know what happens with the doctor.
As the spot on yur but has gone and healed, I wouldn't waste the time and day worrying about it now.

Sometimes these boils and absesses come out of the blue, just like getting zits on the face.

Until your rash just above your upper lip has completely gone, I would suggest you do not do any kissing, so as not to pass on the fungal and bacterial germ if that is what causing it.  If it an allergic reaction to something then it won't matter.

Best wishes
Hey jemma, sorry to have taken so long; exam period *****. I went to the doctor and had him look at the area.

First I should mention that I was and am now having this weird thing where I feel a burn or a pain in the groin area and either nothing happens or the area that is burning gets a tiny little... I don't want to call it a spot because it isn't... but rather a small bit of skin that goes red and dry.

The doctor saw a couple of these and said they were nothing. He looked at the area on the head of my penis where I told him I got spots, and he said the spots were so small they didn't mean anything, just 3-4 tiny spots.

He didn't see any fungal activity at all, and hasn't seen any herpes yet (neither have I to be honest) in the last 5 or 6 times that I've visited him.

Still getting this weird burning at the base of my penis, and like I mentioned, a small area goes red sometimes. It's strange but the doctor said it's nothing...

Any ideas?
I think you need to see a different doctor for a second opinion.
If he/she wasn't sure what it was, you'd think he would have requested a swab!

A burning sensation at the base of your penis is definitely not nothing.

The burning, or even itching sensation in the groin area that goes red is a fungal infection.  A fungal infection will make the skin appear red and shiny, sometimes there are little sort of spots, the skin can feel sore and also be itchy.  Don't use a hydrocortisone cream, but try and get an antifungal cream specifically for the genital area and follow the instructions.  Hopefully a second doctor will prescribe some for you.  If not, you can purchase some from the pharmacist.

I forgot to say in a previous post, for your athletes foot problem you can get a Daktarin fungal cream that is specifically for the purpose of Athletes Foot.
Wash your feet (and your genitals) regularly, every day.  Dry the area thoroughly (gently on the genitals) and apply the appropriate cream.  You can also get medicated talcum powders.  Althletes foot is contageous and can be picked up from shower rooms, if someone with Athletes Foot has been walking with bare feet.

Always wear clean underwear and socks every day and use cotton as opposed to manmade fibres.  With regard to your private area, do not wear thongs, wear Y fronts or boxer shorts (cotton ones).  Do not wear tight clothing.  The fungus loves to live in areas that are damp and moist.  Don't use soaps, shower gels or anything on your genitals.  It is best to wash your genitals straight away after sex.  You should wear protection, although it is not guaranteed that you wouldn't pick up any sexually transmitted disease even with protection.

What did the doctor say about the spots just above your lip area?

What happened about your anal fissure?    Make sure you have a high fibre diet so that you do not get constipated, because this can tear the lining when the hard stool comes out.  Also drink plenty of water, 2-3 litres per day is the recommended amount, more if you are working out.
Hope you did well in your exams and that you will get a good grade.

Best wishes.
I'm going to try to get an IgG on Monday. If that comes back negative for herpes, I'll have to see what else could be causing this.

In the meanwhile I'd like to ask if this can be caused by something of a stupid nature; I shaved my genital area when I thought it could be herpes just so I could have a better look at the area. I'd never shaved that area that short so could that be causing issues? Also when my pants slip at the front slightly they chafe around the groin area until I adjust my belt, could that be the root cause?

Could it just be a simple kind of irritation and nothing bacterial/fungal/viral?
Well, yes it could just be from simple irritation.  You will find out if it isn't when you stop wearing the offending irritating clothing.  

I experienced, and so did my husband what we thought was an irritation and rubbing from underwear, but it actually was a fungal problem.  Not only can you get this in the groin area in the crease, but it can also run down the inside leg, as well as affect the genitals.

Keept the area clean and gently pat it dry.  Use medicated talks or moisturing creams suitable for use in the down below area.

With you shaving down there this  has also aggravated the skin.  I think it is called "razor burn", not sure.  Again keep it clean and dry and use an appropriate moisturiser.  The pharmacist will be able to help you with that.

Don't know what an IgG is, but I presume it is a test for herpes.  It will not surprise me at all if it comes back negative.  Hope you follow the advice I have given you anyway.

Let me know how you get on.

Yeah the IgG is the blood test used to find herpes.

My question at the moment is can there be a fungal infections which shows no visible signs or very vague ones?

If so, what are your thoughts on the natural remedies available for these infections (yogurt, garlic, apple cider vinegar,etc.)?
Please read my previous replies.  Because I have already covered all that.

Thanks again, jemma.
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