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What is best source of treatment  for Tetanus? I have read that they use Immunglobulins  and Td . My son has been sick for almost 2 years,got rust on his face  and  started getting sick that night.He has severe jaw pain radiating all through his body. Also has clotting disorders,APCR and METHFR as well. Previously to  this he had been hit on the head with a baseball bat,had stitches but no tetanus shot  while working in Alberta. Now he can not work.Is there any specific blood work that can be done?   One dermatologist recommended IgG  and IgM.  I can not find  a lab  that does  IgM.  His IgG for tetanus was 2.4,above protective level. His last tetanus injection was 15 years ago
Thanks from Canada

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