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Upper abdominal discomfort when standing/walking
I am a 31 year old male in otherwise good health. I have never smoked, hardly ever drank and would go to a gym (general weightlifting) 3-4 times a week for the past 10 years.

My issue(s) started a few months back. On one particular day (after a stressful week at work) I noticed that I was getting this upper abdominal discomfort almost painful when I was walking around a shopping centre. The discomfort would almost immediately subdue when sitting or laying down. It was also affecting my breathing, I felt as if my breathing was labored. This would come and go.

A few weeks later, I went to the gym in the morning and during my first exercise (bicep curls) I started feeling this upper abdominal pressure again and after a few more sets I had to quit. I struggled to breathe and once I got home I had my very first panic attack. I have not been the same since and this was 3 months ago.

One week following my panic attack I ended up in the ER due to another panic attack. This got me to do a array of tests to find out what was wrong but so far all tests have come back negative. The tests that I did were:

Chest X-Ray
Upper Abdominal Ultrasound
Upper GI Gastroscopy
Full Blood tests
H-Pylori test
Stress Echo

I still get this discomfort from time to time simply by standing or walking for a little while and nobody seems to be able to tell me what is causing this. On some days I get a really heavy feeling in the stomach especially after eating. I also have this feeling of a lump in my throat and constant throat clearing.

Has anybody else every come across this? A upper abdominal discomfort/pressure that seems to be induced by gravity ie. standing upright. I never get this sitting or lying down. And why does it also affect my breathing. Some have suggested that this may be anxiety. I have done alot of tests, short of a CT scan.
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