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anus odor. hemorrhoid
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anus odor. hemorrhoid

I have solution to problem concerning anus odor. I have undergone series of issues with bad odor in the anus since 10years ago, no solution was found available in the  modern medicine. Being an Africa guy, I approach the issue with natural and traditional medicine. I am so irritating with this problem that I almost lose my job. I that has great reputation and dignity become the concern to the society. I lose my status among friends, become a lonely man, and scared of meeting and engaged with people.
The solution I discovered required discipline and dedication. To be frank, it is tough for most America to adapt to. If you believe that change you believe in needs to happen then this is the right solution for you. I will state my solution in details.
1. Aviod any greasing food
2. Avoid sugary substance e,g soda, candy, even juice
3. When  you wake up in the morning, eat four packed stem of spinach and 3 leave of collard green raw without using any cream.
4. At night, make sure you do the same.
5. Avoid as much as possible all these laxatives. They are killer and not helpful solution to hemorrhoid
if you are happy with my remedy, contact me at ***@****

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Anus odor
bad smell
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Avatar m tn
I have also had issues with bad body odor for about two years now it can definitly be debilitating when it comes to a social life. I am going to try your remedy I hope it helps at least a little. I'm willing to try anything just about now. If you can read my question I would appreciate it and tell me if you have any other advice.I'm right now taking Body Mint.  Well you have a great day and thanks for your remedy.
Avatar n tn
I  have the same problem with anus odour , its horrible , i am already away from my friends and no socical life is left for me , it started end of 2007 when i was on work and my fellow worker said " I smell a really bad smell "  , and i said i can't smell any thing. but next day i realize that there is probably a leak in my anus . and that little leak making the thing ( you know what thing) comming out from the hole. even though it was'nt too much but it makes me so concious about the smell that i went to toilet 5 to 6 times that days . next day i took very good shower ( I always take shower but this time.i washed every part of my body and put extra time to clean my self)  but when i went on work again who ever came near to me put his hand on his nose and try to get away from my path . it was so embarrasing for me that people who were talking freely now behaving like i am total stranger . I don't think that you need to confirm it wether or not you smell , if some one comes near to you and then put hand on his nose . and try to end the talk as soon as possible then you will understand it straight away that some thing is wrong . so I start to clean my self more and more and more and more... you will not believe that how much time I put to wipe my self out. lots of tissues but could'nt make any difference . the smell was there. initially i was smelling it too . but then for me  the smell disappears . and the only way to know  is from people reactions . its simply because i got usetoo with the smell i have.. I was renting a room before and last year  i move to other place. after moving the house, last year i went to my previous room to take my stuff which i forgot during the house moving. when i went into my room. the room was full of Horrible odour i could't believe that i was living in this room. It was too offensive smell. it made me so embarrse that i quickly took my stuff and walked away . i had no idea what was going on with me . some thing was wrong and definately wrong . my co-worker starts to show me reactions of bad smell . they made jokes on me . you know how people treat when they come to know about your weaknesses .  I finished my Master degree 2007 as well and started to apply for job . Once I went for interview and the guy who was taking the interview was allright in the begining but then he starts coughing  ,sneezing trying to drink water ,  it was from my smell. because i travelled too far that interview and i could smell my self even before the interview , it was just all horrible for me. offcourse i did'nt get the job.. who will givve the job to stinky person.  
           I tried to find any possible reason for my leak in anus but could'nt understand why , I talked about this to my doctor but doctor said i cant smell any thing i was surprise may be he can't smell me . and may be there is no smell and i am getting over concious . but 1 year is a long time to understand the reality , the smell was there and could'nt change the truth that it was coming from me..
               I tried very few things to get rid of smell. but what i always do is to take shower and put lots of body spray and other perfumes but nothing works, but after lots of study i understand what the problem is . and i am able to control the Odour to some extents atleast.  My problem could be different from others so please don't try it on your self until you are really sure .
                     what i learned from my own experiences and on forums and from websites ,
The exit from anal side is a tube which open up when its get full and let the things out from the rectum . if this tube bend or get curved some how then the things starts to get stuck there and you will not get the feeling of full evacuation . this stucked things make all the other problem as well like odour and makes harder the normal stool to passthrough it . if you get the feeling of not full evacuation and feeling like there is some thing left which is not comming out . then it is a bad sign because the anal hole will not get close because there is some thing stucking inside so it will remain open . and the odour comes from inside the anal so no matter how many shower you take the odor will be with you all the time. until you make the anal door close,....
               Now how you can close the door its important because you have to see the doctor for this . but to make sure that this really the problem i bought " anal douche " this is usually used as a sex toy but i used this to clean my anus from inside you put the tube inside the anus and pump some water inside it . then when the rectum gets full of water you just push it out.. if the water comes out normal (clean)  then you got no problem but if it comes out with other things then this is the problem for you and to permanently solve it you need to see your doctor and check out your rectum tube if its bending some where.

                                  After trying two time i felt the people around me starts to smell less . they still can smell it but the extent goes less. I don't think that i would be able to get rid of this completely . but as long as its helping me to make the smell down. i am happy for it .. if any one want's to give his advice please do so ... my email is english_dany***@****

3240655 tn?1346727277
Interesting Dany. I think you have narrowed my search for a remedy for my ailment. I have the same symptoms as you.
Actually what I'm noticing is they're a few people in the small town I'm in that have similar symptoms as me. Anal odor, a smell like they need to make a bowel movement but hold it in.

And I'll add to your observation on the 'bent curved tube' theory,

I went to a gastrointestinal specialist(2nd try) july 2010, cause I just couldn't deal with the taunting and deliberate cut-downs behind my back because of odor, and stated my physical symptoms; inability to completely evacuate after a BM, bad odor after said BM, bad odor after sweating from a** area during work, exercise, hot days, and it was getting tough, gas leakage.

So he o.k's a defecography(google it), and find I'm not completely emptying my colon! Up to 3 inches of Stool remains and you-know-what!,...I barely feel IT! It just sits there, my body doesn't have any urgency to move it out. Now, I do feel irritation on my anus after a BM, but I always thought it was hemmoroids (hemorrhoids), I've been told I have those by the first specialist. The 2nd spec, sends me to a therapist to do kegel, it daily without change. I'm defiantly stronger, just not capable of moving stool in one piece, even after being on metamucil for 4 months :(

So now I'm here, on this forum, grasping for straws, I'm going to try for a Sphincter Repair or Sphincteroplasty, though the 2nd doctor said a Sacra Implant could work for me since they have a good track record.

If I do get something going I'll update anyone that asks through this post, but it will take some time, a year I'm guessing as of now

hang in there,

One last thing, as a kid I was a Fecal Hoarder from 1st grade up to grade 8. Though this little tidbit doesn't get any fires going under any Specialist I see,...gotta keep the kegels going,...
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