baby has a bruise with a lump under it?
by Mellanne, Dec 17, 2009
My 9 month old is "cruising"and trying to climb things and is VERY active in general. He is always mobile, always on the go. Tonight when I was giving him a bath I noticed a very light bruise under his ribcage. I felt the bruise and it had a hard knot under it. It was long in length and about 1-2 inches and under a 1/2 of an inch wide. It is running horizontally on his body. ( I hope this description is making sense.) Anyways, he bumps himself quite regularlly but this one bump concerns me. Could this bump be something serious? I have not noticed him falling or bumping himself today in a way that would cause such a bruise to occur, however he did fall on a toy truck today that is made out of hard plastic. When he did it, he screamed and I picked him up and he seemed all better. He has been acting normal tonight-playing and laughing. And when I touched the knot, he did not squirm or cry out just acted normally like he would if I touched his hand or some other body part. I am going to call the dr. tommorow. But do you think this warrants an ER visit tonight? Thanks.
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by TexasHoods, Dec 17, 2009
I'm a pretty protective Mom and I don't think this would warrant a visit to the ER. I agree a call to the doctor either tonight or tomorrow would be a great idea. If your doctor has an after hours phone service.