bit a hole in my lip stitches,or no stitches?
by dj12100, Mar 27, 2013
i got hit in the mouth and my tooth went all the way through my upper lip the hole on the outside is pretty small but the hole on the inside of my lip is really big and deep from top to bottom,when i went to the er i was told that you do not put stitches on the inside of your mouth i am not a doctor but i do not think this will heal right on its own should i go to a different doctor for a second oppenion?
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by caregiver222, Mar 27, 2013
The ER physician's opinion seems reasonable. The injury should heal on it's own without stitches. You need a clean wound line, in any event, for stitches to be useful.
by silverfox67, Mar 27, 2013
It will heal in time without stitches.  I've bitten my tongue through and my lip and have no scars (no stitches).  Just be careful eating salty foods - that may sting a bit!!
by sweetnightmare, Mar 28, 2013
Just leave it alone, if they put stitches in a spot thats wet and moist it can harbor infection, thats why they didnt do it most likely.