blot clot after blood draw
by SarahB79, Feb 25, 2009
I have developed pain and a lump about 2 inches above blood draw site.  Draw site is bruised as well.  I don't think this type of clot could have serious complications... but the tech did a horrible job.... I even fainted during collection! (I told her I was getting light headed at the 12th vial and she continued to do all 15!)  

I read that they were usually not serious when in the arm like this, but still, I wonder if I should bring it to someones attention.
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by caregiver222, Feb 26, 2009
You have been given appropriate advice. The lump will likely disappear with no long-lasting problems. I am sorry you have experienced pain and discomfort.

Despite the fact the procedure of drawing blood could be taught to the average chimpanzee in three to five minutes there continues to be a tradition of goofing up the procedure by people who couldn't pour water out of a boot with directions on the heel. On the other hand, providing these people with jobs keeps them off the welfare rolls, I suppose.

You can bring it to someone's attention, but it won't make any difference. You have to kill between three and five people in many American hospitals before you recieve a letter of admonition.

The issue of "too much blood drawing" for no other reason than to fight malpractice torts is common in American Hospitals.

by toni89, Feb 17, 2013
hi i wantedto knw it in more father developed a reddish thickening along the blod collectn site about 2cm n he has pain arround the thickening after a blood collectoin on d same it amatter f concern...should his blood coagulation profile be checkd....hw long will it stay....pls help...thankyou.....