bump under 2nd toe of right foot
by Red2111, Mar 12, 2013
about 15 days ago the 2nd toe on my right foot started itching and the skin started peeling on the sides and underneath it.

it will quit itchign for a few days, and then go back to itching and the skin will continue peeling.  last night i felt a lump on the underside on the pad of my toe.  

without squeezing it, it looks like a pin sized white dot.  i took a pair of tweezers to it and squeezed until i couldn't stand the pain.   It was a burning type of pain.

after squeezing at it, it appears to now be an eraser sized white spot with a "white head" in the middle.  almost liek a pimple or misqueto bite.

now when i walk, it feels like i'm walking on a blister.

any idea on what this is and how to get rid of it?
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by jemma116, Mar 12, 2013
Itching and peeling underneath the toes or in between the toes, usually is Athletes foot.  This is a fungal infection, that is usualy caught walking bare footed where someone else with althletes foot has trod.  For example in showers in the swimming pool, or trying on shoes that some one with althletes foot has tried on.  

You can get creams and powders for althletes foot from your pharmacist or a superstore.  

It is important to keep the feet clean and dry in between the toes.    The fungus likes warm and moist conditions.  Use cotton socks instead of manmade fibre socks.

If you have picked up a Verucca (a wart on the foot) again from walking barefooted where someone else has been that has a verucca.  Veruccas will sometimes come up like a calus (hard skin) and then will get little white or black specks, the roots grow inwards.

I suggest you first treat your foot for Athletes Foot and use the creams and powder for this.

by Caryopteris, Mar 12, 2013
You can also use neem soap and put tea tree oil on the nail and itchy skin, but try to put the tea tree oil on once or twice a day for a month.  
by BarbieAnn85, Mar 14, 2013
it culd be the beginning of a plantar wart also
by jemma116, Mar 14, 2013
A Verucca is the name for a plantar wart (wart on the foot).