swallowed hair accidentally
by pavi2610, Jan 02, 2011
i'm 21yrs old girl. i accidentally swallowed a hair of medium length(6 to 7inch long) which was mixed up with my food. does it cause any problem or will be excreated out? or will i have vomitting or indigestion? can i continue to have normal diet? pls help me...
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by tacey286, Jan 02, 2011
I'm no expert, but i'm sure you'll perfectly fine!
by gymdandee, Jan 03, 2011
It's nothing to worry about!
by M_Pounce, Jan 03, 2011
You will most likely pass it with a normal bowel movement.  You might have a little tummy ache since it won't be digested at all and will act like roughage on the way through.  It should be minor irritation.  Odds are though, you won't even notice when it!  ;-)

You can continue to eat normally.  In fact, it's best to do so, since it will push everything through you.  

Take care!