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uric acids
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uric acids

i feel a pain in the leg on the bones of my finger and it is swallen after blood tests i found i have high acid urique
what can i do and do i have to stop any kind of food?do i have to take medication and what stops the pain ?
thank you..
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I found this on a website. I hope this helps.  

Gout is one of the most painful things you can have in your life. It affects mainly the distal ends of your joints like the fingers, foot, knee and toes. Some of the symptoms of gout are swelling, unable to put all your weight on your leg, burning pain, redness, stiffness and plenty other nasty things. Gout is caused by the accumulation of crystals of monosodium urate (MSU) and/or uric acid within the surrounding tendons, tissues and cartilage of the joint. In order to control and prevent gout from occurring, you need to have a uric acid diet.

If there is too much uric acid in the joint, it will cause acute inflammation of the joint. If you don’t treat it fast enough, the gout can become chronic and can cause severe and permanent damage to the surrounding tissues.

The uric acid is a by-product of purine metabolism. That is, purines are formed due to the breakdown of particular type of foods in your body. Furthermore, it is evident that two thirds of purine production occurs in the kidneys and the rest are formed by the liver. Everyone have purines in the body but people will gout has an excess amount of them. As a result, a uric acid diet is focused on reducing the amount of purines within the body.

Here are several things you need to eat or avoid if you on a uric acid diet:

1. Proteins contain bucket loads of purines in them. They are most abundant in dark meat such as venison, beef and seafood. According to a large and respected study, it states that if you have a high consumption of seafood and/or meat, the changes of having gout is 41% and 50%. Furthermore, shellfish like scallop, lobster, oyster, clam, and shrimp will have more purine levels than normal fish. Any offals like liver or brain should also be avoided.

2. Vegetables that is high in protein.  The above study also implicated that vegetable that has high protein level and/or is dark green leafy vegetable have more purine concentration than any other vegetables. These can include cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms and asparagus.

3. Eat more dairy products like milk or yogurt. Not only these are good for your bones, they have low amounts of purine levels. In fact, studies have suggested that eating more dairy products reduces the chances of you having gout by 44%!

4. Drink less soft drinks or anything with high sugar content. This is one of the major causes of gout and if you drink two or more soft drink a day, you will have an 85% risk of getting gout than a person who drinks just once a month. We are always hearing about how bad soft drinks are for your teeth but it can also cause other problems such as gout and obesity.

5. Drink less beer and spirits. I know it’s hard to hear this, but drinking beer causes a significant risk in getting gout. If you drink a normal can of beer every day (around about 345ml or 12 oz), you will have a 49% increase of risk.

6. Any sweets that have high fructose level like candy, jelly and jam.

7. Drink plenty of water. Drinking more water will help your body filtrate the purines out of your body. However, do not drink energy drinks like Gatorade as these have high fructose and therefore high purine levels.

8. Any food that contains celery extracts or you can get them in a form of a capsule from your health food shop. Celery is a natural anti-inflammatory. It also reduces the uric acid levels in the body.

9. New studies have suggested that tart cherries can be beneficial in preventing and treating gout. It works by dissolving sharp edgy urine crystals within the joints.

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