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Question on wound tunnel.
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Question on wound tunnel.

I have no idea where this problem should be catergories so I post it here.

I went to a surgery to remove abcess (abscess) in my right buttock, but mid way though recovery the clinic nurse spot a wound tunnel. I would call the time when tunnel is first spoted time T. The wound tunnel is 6.5cm when first spoted

FROM T to T +30
wound is clean, tunnel is flush with Normal saline every alternative days, and packed with mesalt.
At T +30 the wound extend to 8 cm so the clinic decided to get me to hospital

The hospital give me antibiotics for a week, and ask me to do the same thing as I did b4 but change my mesalt to inadine an iodine base product.

T + 30 to T + 40
everything is same but I was on antibiotics and now use inadine instead of mesalt. But my tunnel now extend to 8.6 cm. At T +30 both the hospital doctor and wound care supervising nurse at the hospital told me that my tunnel would heal in less than 4 weeks, but now 10 day have past and it is getting worst.

I called them to suggest to use silver product instead of iodine base but they told me hospital do nto carry such products. I told them to put me on VAC or negative wound pressure but was again told by doctor that my wound is not yet critical enough to warrant the use of negative wound pressure, it is a wound that is more than 8 cm expending at 1/2 or 1cm a week if that is not critical then i dont know wat is critical. I ask them to extend my antibiotics but was again rejected as the doctor say there is no sign of infection so antibiotics is not needed.

Btw my health and nutrition have no problem and my wounds are pretty clean.

So I have a few question

1. what other options do I have.?
2. should I insist on getting antibiotics?
3. do I need to go for surgery?
4. if I need go for surgery please tell me how would the surgery be done, do i have to cut off my entire right buttock.
5. how do i prevent my tunneling from getting worst, beside keeping the wound clean?
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to add on.

no mri scan is done, since the doc say the tunnel did not concern any organs or bones, an MRI scan is deem unncessary. And since it is unncessary I would have to wait 3 months to get MRI scan, and same thing with negative pressure wound therphy, I have to wait few months since again the doctor say it is unncessary, by the time I wait to those time my tunnel would already extend to over 10 cm or maybe comeout from the under side of my buttock.

By the way the tunnel is about 7 o clock from about the middle of the right buttock (but slighly left, so it is travelling towards the right leg.
Did you ever heal?  I am going through what sounds like the exact same thing and I can't get 7 doctors to come to some sort of conclusion and get me healed once and for all
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