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circumcision!!!!! need help!!!
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circumcision!!!!! need help!!!

i am 23 year old boy. i got infected of balanitis from last 4 months. i showed it to the doctors after my first treat it gon but it came again a month ago. now doctors are prescribing circumcision as the only method to cure this. so my question to the med help is that whether their is any negative affect of circumcision??? and what are the positive one????  please do reply everyone who have some medical knowledge and some past experiences.
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Definite negatives: loss of sexual pleasure. You will still have some sensations, but no where near what you had. At least not on the head, the rest of your penis shouldn't be effected too much. I'd image you would be extremely tender after the procedure and have to be extremely careful with it for a few weeks (although it may feel less painful than your infection). Sometimes the skin be pulled back to the point where its extremely painful. (Although again, I'm sure you're already in pain and that was just one guy I knew who had that problem, I don't know if that is common.) My nephew had a rare issue, because of how his urethra was it got a little botched during his circumcision. This caused him to have a lot of UTI's his first year and a half of life. HOWEVER, he grew out of it, because his urethra grew so I don't think you could have this problem being a grown man. There are also cases I've heard of -bad medical practices and I'm sure they're 1 in millions. (Like a several of newborns got MRSA because of contamination.)

As far as the positives.. it could be the only way to stop your infection and pain. I personally don't believe in circumcisions, but it sounds like you may need one if you cannot get rid of your infection and are in constant pain. It could also get to the point where if you can't stop the infection, it could be life threatening or your doctors are talking about full on amputation. I know that sounds silly in today's modern world of antibiotics, but people still die all the time from infections.

If you are in any doubt of your doctors opinion, get a second one. I'm sure your doctor will understand hesitance.
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Because Balanitis is most commonly caused by poor hygeine practices, (ie not keeping the glans (glands) and interior of the foreskin cleaned out daily, especially if there is "excessive" foreskin), it can easily reoccur once it has been contracted.  What is needed is obsessive cleanliness practices once it has been cured.  
My husband is diabetic, which is another cause.  To make matters worse, I developed a vaginal-colon fistula, which is an opening/joining between the vaginal wall and the colon, as a "side-effect" of the diverticulitis I suffered from. In the early stages, this allowed very small amounts of liquid fecal matter to enter the vaginal cavity. (I won't go into the later stages. :P )  So, when he got a small crack in his foreskin because of a dry skin condition he occasionally gets, and we had sex not knowing about either problem, he got an infection that just wouldn't go away despite every trick, cure, remedy we tried, including doctors and antibiotics. Finally, it was remove the foreskin, or lose the penis. Fortunately, he had a lot of extra foreskin, so the doctor was able to leave enough of it so that he still has a little more than half of what would be considered a normal foreskin.

Sorry for the long story, but I wanted you to know that I have some knowledge & experience on this subject.  

The foreskin has a purpose, as I'm sure you know. Many women who have had intercourse with both circumcised and uncircumcised men prefer uncircumcised because there is less friction, among other benefits. The foreskin is naturally lubricating as well, and provides protection for the glans (glands), making it much more sensitive. My husband can attest to the fact and says he does have less sensitivity now and it does reduce his pleasure some, though probably not as much as fully circumcised men. For me, there is now some friction, where before there was none.  I tend to get a little sore after prolonged intercourse now, where I did not when he was "uncut".  My ex-husband was also circumcised as an adult, though not because of health problems.  His first wife didn't like the look of his uncircumcised penis, so he got circumcised to make her happy. He said it made things difficult at first because he was so sensitive from being uncut, but he quickly got used to it and only regretted enduring the pain from the surgery just to have her divorce him anyway 3 months later. :(  

There are people who are very adamant about leaving the male intact and they have a number of medical and aesthetic reasons for doing so.  There are also those who are just as adamant about the medical and aesthetic benefits of circumcision, and also those whose religion requires it.

As for medical reasons FOR circumcision, cleanliness and the potential for infection is one issue, as is the possibility of the foreskin growing closed, which happened to one of my brothers as a child. Aesthetically, some people simply do not like the appearance of the uncut penis, either erect or flaccid. There are more reasons, but I'm trying NOT to write a book, lol.  

Then there are the medical reasons AGAINST circumcision.  For starters, this is the way the human male evolved or was designed and it has a purpose, or purposes.  The foreskin acts as a protective sheath and allows for lubrication of the glans (glands) and easing the penetration of the female.  Aesthetically, some people prefer the look of the natural, uncut penis. As I noted before, there are other reasons, etc that I am not going to go into.

What it boils down to, Tommyy, is choice.  Preferably, educated choice. You need to decide what's best for you, though in your situation, I recommend that you base that choice on what is best for you health-wise.  I don't know all of your situation, nor how you came to have the initial infection.  Those are important factors to consider when making your decision.  Important questions to answer are:

What is the prognosis for achieving a cure without the circumcision?
IF you can achieve a cure again, CAN you keep a cleanliness regimen appropriate for preventing a recurrence of the infection?
How attached are you to your foreskin? Can you psychologically adjust to losing it? (It's rare, but there are men who would feel like they are not a complete man without the foreskin)
On the other hand, could you adjust to losing your penis if you refuse to be circumcised and the infection gets out of control?

This is also something you should talk about with your significant other, if you have one.  Although, if they tell you they just won't be able to be intimate with you if you get circumcised regardless of how that affects your health, I would recommend finding someone who cares more about YOU and less about appearances. :p  

Ok, my apologies for the VERY long-winded answer to your question.  Just remember that these are simply my opinions, and not "gospel".  You need to make your own decision with input from your doctor and an honest assessment by you of your situation.  Best of luck to you.  :)
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I'm a proponent of non circumcision  Thank you Moondancer for your excellent point of view from a female perspective. I've always wondered if a woman could tell or if there were any issues with a circumcised vs uncircumcised male.  I am not circumcised, and am glad of it!  I hope that Tommyy can get through this issue without getting "hacked".

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