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I'm afraid I might have Hemochromatosis
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I'm afraid I might have Hemochromatosis

Hi, My Dr just did a full Iron panel on me and here's what came up in the lab report.

Iron and TIBC

Test Description  Result      Range     Units  
Iron Bind.Cap.(TIBC)001347   309      250-450   ug/dL  
UIBC001348                         247      150-375   ug/dL  
Iron Saturation011362             20      15-55   %  

Test Description           Result              Range   Units  
Ferritin, Serum004598    809                22-322   ng/mL  

My ALT was high because of my fatty liver
                               Result      Range
ALT (SGPT)001545    77          0-55   IU/L

My CBC came back as follows.
                    Result   Range
GGT               34      0-65   IU/L  
WBC              8.9      4.0-10.5   x10E3/uL  
RBC               5.63      4.10-5.60   x10E6/uL  
Hemoglobin    16.7      12.5-17.0   g/dL  
Hematocrit      48.4      36.0-50.0   %

I'm so nervous that I might have Hemochromatosis. I spoke to my PCP and he told me they checked me back in 07 and it came bac negative and he won't check again. He made an appointment with a Hematologist but it's not till end of September. Based on my bloodwork about does it look like I have Hemochromtosis? I really don't have any symptoms except for upper right abdomen discomfort every so often. Please help. Thanks
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Elevated ferritin levels can be caused by a variety of health conditions. We recommend that you meet with the hematologist who will be able to interpert your lab results in the context of a physical exam and comprehensive health history. A hematologist can access if hemochromatosis testing is warranted based on your specific situation. We wish you the best.
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