Marfan Syndrome and Oral Contraceptives
by mlm687, Jul 19, 2009
Are oral contraceptives a safe birth control choice for someone with Marfan Syndrome, since the pill has many heart-related risk factors, as does Marfan's?
When a person is affected with Marfan syndrome, a physician may recommend that certain agents/circumstances be avoided such as:

- Activities that cause joint injury or pain (such as contact sports)

-  Medications that can stimulate the cardiovascular system

-  LASIK surgery for correction of visual deficits

-  For affected people at risk for recurrent pneumothorax, breathing against a resistance or positive pressure ventilation

We recommend that you consult with a medical geneticist to discuss agents/medications/circumstances that should be avoided with Marfan syndrome. You can find a medical geneticist at the American College of Medical Genetics website.
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