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Repeated miscarriage
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Repeated miscarriage

My wife had a second miscarriage on 2nd April'2008. The pregnancy was of
more than two months. She was in complete bed rest with very little
movement inside our home only. She noticed sticky type blood discharge on
her undergarments on 1st April and later on Ultra sound test "incomplete
abortion" was found. We were completely refraining from any kind of sex.
My wife first conceived in the month of june'07. However less than 1 month
pregnancy terminated on 11 July'07. We had got Seminal Fluid Analysis,
TORCH test and Chromosomal analysis (Karyotype) done for both of us.
Seminal Fluid test and Karyotype were OK in case of me(Husband).TORCH test
of wife were OK.However in Wife's Karyotype, inv(9)(p11:q12) was
mentioned. The test were done at Ranbaxy, Mumbai. Many doctors said that
this is the most common variation and does not have any clinical
significance. However some other said that it may cause miscarriage.
Kindly guide whether this is true?whether there is any cure possible, what
kind of precautions we should take during pregnancy.

Please help.......... my wife is at the point of breakdown.

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I'm very sorry for you and your wife's losses.  It is not unusual for women to miscarry a first and sometimes a second pregnancy.  There are many possible reasons why a woman may miscarry, but the chromosomal karyotype inv(9)(p11:q12) is NOT considered a contributing cause for miscarriage by genetic specialists.  It is indeed a common variation, and many parents with this inversion have happy and healthy babies.  I hope that is the case for you and your wife in the future.

Your wife may benefit from a full work-up by a High-Risk perinatologist to check for other possible factors or underlying causes that can increase risk for miscarriages.  Best of luck to you and your wife.

Dear All,
I have recently been blessed with a baby boy.
I m posting it for the help of those who may be feeling depressed under same condition.

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