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Uric Acid ! ?
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Gout is a common and painful form of arthritis that causes swollen, red, hot and stiff joints when uric acid builds up in the blood. Discuss topics including symptoms and medical or alternative treatments for gout.

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Uric Acid ! ?

Hi dear people in MedHelp

I am 62 and I have Gout for about 20 years, I am 5.9" and 190 lb and I have a little gouty tophi on my toe
Since a month ago I have started doing :

1- Daily walking of at least 3 hrs ( fast )
2- Watching my gout diet
3- Drinking at least 6 glasses of alkaline ionized water of pH 9
4- I stopped taking any medicine
5- I had no gout attack since I started my new lifestyle

After a month I had my blood test result, what really surprised me was my high uric acid of 10.1 everything was fine except Uric Acid.

I figured every day I am burning a lot of calories and that can produce uric acid in my body.

I am aiming to reach around 165 lb and stay there.

What I need to do with my Uric Acid.

Do I need to take medicine or just stay with my path

Thanks for your valuable advises
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I'm 60 with gout also.  They only sure way to prevent gout is to get your uric acid level below 6.0 and keep it below 6 for the rest of your days.  Its that simple.  10.1 is high.  My gout started flairing again at 7.2.  I had to go on a low dose of allopurinal 100 mg to get mine to 5.2.  Allopurinal will dissolve the crystals over many months but will cause flairs while doing so.  When your level is below 6.0 tophi cannot form.  So see your doctor.  The sooner you get on it the least damage it will do.
Thanks Dear NOOK

Thank you for sharing your experience, I just visited my doc and he suggested  100 mg Allopurinol per day, because of my high creatinine ( 1.4 ) He did not offer for higher dose. I hope I could reach 6 and below.
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