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BV and UTI Simultaneously
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BV and UTI Simultaneously

I know I've had BV for a couple of months (since I finished a course of antibiotics for previous UTI caused by e.coli). The odor after intercourse is a clear sign. I did not want to see my doctor AGAIN for a problem "down there" , so I just lived with it. Now I have another UTI! Preliminary path. report states:" 50x10(6) CFU/L Gram negative Bacilli. Identification and susceptibility to follow. " I really don't want to go on meds again, but probably have no choice. Is there ONE treatment for both BV and UTI? I am 47, and struggle with vaginal dryness (which is probably the root cause of all these problems). I have had unpleasant reactions (itching, burning, redness, pain) to every lubricant I have tried, even those without glycerin & parabens. These infections are embarrassing and they are ruining my life. My husband is very understanding, but I feel like a lousy partner. We used to make love 4-5 x per week; now it is zero. Please help.
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You could check the sensitivities of the organism in the urine to see if it is sensitive to Flagyl or Clindamycin--if so, one antibiotic would treat both problems--that seems very reasonable to me.  You may need to be evaluated for why you are having so many UTIs too.

Have you tried vegetable oil as a lubricant?  Sounds a little silly, ( I wouldn't mix with vinegar!) but it rarely causes reactions!

Also, you may wish to consider getting some hormone levels done--I would wonder about low estrogen levels in particular.  Sometimes a vagina insert of estrogen can be helpful to alleviate all three problems--UTIs BV and dryness.

Hope this is useful!
Dr B

i am having a problem right now about these symptoms.

1. i have this light brown discharge, and very few blood, not sticky, but watery or i think it has a few water in it but i'm not sure, it is also not smelly and the discharge was not really a lot.. it has been like this for a week now..

2. i was examined for std's and it all came negative. six months ago, i had also pap smear that resulted normal. Last wk my ob/gyne checked my vagina and she said it is swollen and it's quite bleeding. she also found a one small cyst, but she think it's benign...she then AGAIN took a pap smear test and gram stool but i haven't got the results yet.

3. i have also a history of yellow green discharge which 2 of my previous ob/gynes told me that im fine since i was negative in STD and my pap smear resulted normal. But the yellow green discharge still continues after my twice check up and i dont know how am i going to persuade them there's something wrong..

4. My Last sex was last month... it was like 4 wks ago.. and that's the time when my uti started.

5. this symptoms i have right now resulted after my UTI was cured. I am also acidic and constipated just in case some of these symptoms are connected.

6. i also feel the my belly button and other part of my tummy, like the lower part of my chest, the right and left area where my appendix is are sometimes having a sharp pain like needle stabbing.

7. I got  urine tested and my ob gyne told me that i dont have a uti.

8. i am 21 years old female. i only have one boyfriend and my boyfriend does not having sex with anyone.
my doctor prescribed me metrodinazole and ofloxacin and currently im still taking it..
these meds make me acidic.. i feel hungry all the time :(

and now i am getting paranoid coz i think i might have a vaginal cancer or cervical cancer... these symptoms make  me cry every night and stressing me so much...
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