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Bulky Uterus
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Bulky Uterus

Hello Doctor,

I have delivered a male baby 25 months back (DOB of my baby is 19th May, 2007) through C-section. My abdomen is bigger than normal. I had DNC on 07th of March, 2009 since my husband and me didn't wanna a second baby so soon. I got my period on 08th of April, 2009 which lasted for 5 days as usual and again i got my period the same month on 29th of April, 2009, which again lasted for 5 days and i had spotting of of blood along with my white discharge which was very minimal like a drop or two for 10 to 12 days after my periods and i didn't get my periods in May the whole month. Again i got my periods on 8th of June and experienced abnormal bleeding when contacted a gynaecologist she advised me to go for pregnancy test, blood test and a USG OF PELVIS. Pregenancy test proved to be negative and blood test was Normal. The below given are the complete description of the report of USG OF PELVIS:

Real time ultrasonography of pelvis has been performed with convex probe.

The urinary bladder is well distended and appear normal.

The Uterus is bulky.
The uterus measures 9.6*4.8*3.7 cm in size.
The endometrical echo is thin and linear-measures 5.9 mm.

Both ovaries are normal in size and echotexture.
The right ovary measures 3.4*2.3*1.9 cm: Vol 7.4cc.
The left ovary measures 2.7*2.6*1.1cm: Vol 3.9cc.

There is no evidence of any solid or cystic lesion seen in both adnexal regions.

There is no evidence of any free fluid in the Pelvis.


Bulky Uterus.

Please go through the above report of my USG OF THE PELVIS and let me know if there is anything scary or dangerous to be worried about. I am worried about the conclusion of the report which states BULKY UTERUS.

I am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible doctor for i am so worried and this very thought of something abnormal about my report is hunting me.

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There is no need to be concerned.  We very often see a bulky uterus on ultrasound.  Yours is not even very large compared with normal.  Normal = 8 cm.  Your uterus = 9 cm.  This can be evidence of fibroids, adenomyosis, or simply a "parous" uterus.  (Meaning that you have been pregnant before).  I'm not sure why your periods are abnormal--that is most likely hormonal in nature, or possibly a low grade infection.  But there is no evidence of cancer, or of anything that is going to require major surgery.
I hope this is helpful!
Dr B
Thanks alot for your feedback Doctor.  I am much relieved now.
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