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DESPERATE-please help-excessive cervical mucus
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DESPERATE-please help-excessive cervical mucus

i have been dealing with this issue for over 9 months now.
I have a HUGE excess of what i believe is creamy cervical mucus. I believe it is cervical mucus due to the consistensy and colour. When i got to the toilet to do a poo about 1 dessertspoon FULL will actually drip out and SINK to the bottom of the toilet.It is like this almost all month, except when i have my period.
It is white, odourless, but EXCESSIVE.
i have been tested for all stds, yeast, bacteria, allergies, celiac, HIV,HPV diabetes, hormone levels, tried mirena iud,am completely off the pill, and most recently underwent a exploratory examination under anaesthesia at the hsopital.the looked in vagina, uterus, anus and bladder.
The doctorsat the hospital said there was nothing significant and there was not all that much discharge in there at the time, however, previosu doctors agreed it was excessive, but found no cause.
there was an area of slight infammation around the opening of the cervix, sort of like a red ring, which bled easy upon touch, but all pap smears and cervical biopsy were normal (besides slight infammation). Is sort of looks like a ectropion but they have not said that is what it is.
i am desperate for sympotmatic relief. if there is anything i can try(antihistamines, cervical cautery,drying agents etc,
basically they are telling me i am at the extreme end of normal, because they cannot find a cause for the excessive amount. i would be most grateful. I am beyond desperate.
please help
If you were my patient, I would advise you of a couple of options.  One option is to perform cryotherapy of the cervix. This is a treatment for dysplasia, but was also used in the old days for excessive discharge.  Another option would be to start oral contraceptives to see if it would reduce the amount of discharge.  I'm sure your doctors have discussed antibiotic therapy with you and antifungal.  
One final thought is to perform a yeast culture--this may not have been done yet.  Often, a wetmount test will be negative for evidence of yeast, but it may be present nevertheless, and can be detected by culturing it.
I would also do an ultrasound to be certain that there was no pathology of the fallopian tubes contributing to the discharge.
Good luck!
Dr B
Hi thanks for your response. Yes I have already had an ultrasound..I did actually have candida glabrata for a period of about 2 months in the middle of this...but treated with boric acid and swabs then.showed negative.
I did actually have cryotherapy on my cervix/leep 2010 due to dysplasia and I know there is scar tissue there from that, but current hpv shows negative/ no activation. Can you give me any insight into why might be doing this, keeping in mind no pathogens or abnormal hormones found.
Do you.think height dose antihistamine might be worth a go? Anything to dry it up a bit
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