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Dark-yellow vaginal discharge still after antibiotics - healthy or not?...
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Dark-yellow vaginal discharge still after antibiotics - healthy or not?

My girlfriend was having a dark-yellow (almost brown), scentless, vaginal discharge. Minor itching was present as well. The stains were clearly visible in her underwear after a day. I had no symptoms of STDs.

Since we live in a place with no reliable doctors (they actually don't care and would just stuff her with tons of varied antibiotics for an overkill), and I'm far more schooled than her, I had to decide the treatment myself.

By her symptoms, I assumed it was Bacterial Vaginosis, so I bought a pack of 500mg Metronidazole pills, we took it together twice a day (so, 1000mg a day) for a week.

In the beginning the treatment seemed very effective, she was using a vaginal pad so we could keep track of the discharges' color and amount. By he 4th day the pad was almost completely white, so I thought she was already ok, but we still kept the pills until the week was complete. We didn't stop having intercourse during this treatment (just a reminder, I was on the pills too).

But, as soon as that week was over and we stopped taking the pills, she started to have the discharges again. Far less than the amount she had before, but each day it increases a bit, and I'm thinking that it will eventually be as much as before.

Any advice on this? Thanks.
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If you were my patient, I would advise seeking medicat attention at this point.  If you don't like doctors, perhaps she could see a nurse practitioner. or PA.  Doctors are often more caring than you think, by the way.
What is needed at this point is a wet mount and possibly a culture.  Much as you would probably like to do these yourself, you should probably access the medical system and that would be best for your girlfriend, about whom you seem to care a lot.
Good luck!
Dr B
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Thanks a lot for your reply, Dr. B.

I'd love to take my girlfriend to a decent doctor, but I currently live in a small city in a 3rd world country, and the doctors from all small clinics really don't care. I'm quite sure (because it happened several times before) that they will ask her one or two basic questions about her condition and then will give her 2 or 3 different antibiotics (they get a profit on those, so they sell as much as they can) which will not differ much from my treatment, except being more aggressive to her system.

The one time I took her to a Gynecologist in alarger hospital (far and way more expensive than the clinic) the doctor did not even look at her face, just asked a few questions while looking at the computer screen, and in the end gave her the same medications that I came up with after researching online for 5 minutes.

Since that hospital is the only one with the facilities for those exams you recommended, I'd avoid going there until there's no other way. My girlfriend really hated that doctor and she doesn't want to go back there.

So, I kindly ask if you could please give me additional information about what could it be. Thanks again.
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