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Hematoma after Childbirth
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Hematoma after Childbirth

I developed a hematoma 10 days after my 5th child was born, and my doctor drained it, and it healed up quickly. 10 days after my 6th child was born, I developed another. This one needed surgery to drain it. The surgery went well, and I was feeling much better the next day. Well, a couple days later, another one formed. (I had been in bed trying to heal- not up and around.) It has been quite painful. My daughter is 6 weeks old, and I am only now able to somewhat sit up without a lot of pain. ( the hematoma is about the size of a golf ball, and is in the vaginal area).
How long do these things usually take to heal? Is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process? Is there anything that i should avoid, because it can slow down the healing process, or make it worse?
Thank you!
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It is quite unusual to have a hematoma develop spontaneously that long after childbirth!
I'm sure your doctor must have commented on that too!
If you were my patient, I would be inclined to leave the hematoma alone for several days before trying to drain it again. A large hematoma is going to take awhile (several days to weeks) to heal on its own.
One idea, especially if you plan any more children, would be to do an angiogram to see if you could locate the vessel that is bleeding and causing the hematomas. An interventional radiologist could make the best suggestions about how this could be done.  The vessel could then (possibly) be occluded so that you wouldn't have the same problem again.
By the way, congratulations on the birth of your baby!
Good luck!
Dr B
Thank you!!!
And yes... my doctor DID comment on how unusual it was that the hematoma developed that long after childbirth. lol.
Thank you for the info on the angiogram. I will ask my doctor about it at my next appointment, and see if it is something that I should do. The hematoma is toward the left side this time, and it was toward the right side with my previous pregnancy, so I am thinking they are different vessels??? (another strange thing, hu?) But I will definitely bring it up. This baby is our sixth, but we are not ruling out having more. If we DO have more, I certainly do not want to go through another hematoma! Ouch!
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
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