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Ongoing Bacterial Vaginosis
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Ongoing Bacterial Vaginosis

I have been suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis for 6 months.

I was given two courses of antibiotics six months ago with same effect - clear for a week, then thrush appeared as well as BV coming back worse than ever.

The symptoms themselves vary, sometimes the discharge is thick and yellow, sometimes thin and greyish.  The smell is strong and varies from smelling like rotting cabbage to being fishy.  Also causes problems with my anal area  My perineum seems to "blister" and the whole area becomes sore and itchy.  I think I also have hemeroids as I sometimes have thick mucus and bright red blood discharge from the anus.  I want to know if these things are all related and whether they indicate something more serious than the BV itself.

I have not returned to the doctor since the second course of antibiotics as it seems clear that they haven't got a clue what to do, so I have been trying to self-treat having done research on the net.  I have been taking vitamin B supplements for 4 months, I have been wearing organic cotton underwear, sterilised in the microwave, I have been inserting live yoghurt cultures into my vagina.  The only thing that seems to work to relieve the symptoms and stop the smell and discharge is douching with hydrogen peroxide.  This will keep things under control for a couple of days but if I don't repeat the symptoms return.  I realise that this treatment will be killing off the good as well as bad bacteria so doesn't seem a permanent solution.

I am vegetarian and avoid processed sugars and I lead a healthy lifestyle, exercising for at least ten hours per week.

I am unable to have sex as this just makes the symptoms far worse - itch, smell, swelling, cystitis.  The whole thing is dibilitating and depressing.

Surely there has to be a treatment/ cure of some sort out there - can you help with something other than the methods I am trying already? Or could this be a sign that there are bigger problems with my bowel/vaginal area?
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You seem to be very knowledgable about the natural remedies--the only thing you didn't mention was acidophilus, and I am betting you just forgot that one!

It sounds to me like you need to have some further testing done. For my own patient,  I would do a wet mount, a vaginal culture, a yeast culture, and possibly a skin biopsy.
Blistering, mucous and blood are NOT a common symptoms of BV or yeast, and could point to something more serious like Inflammatory bowel disease.  You may wish to consider consultation with a gastroenterologist, and possibly a colonoscopy with biopsies.  Vulvar Crohn's disease could be a possibility or Bechet's.

I can't help but advise you not to use hydrogen peroxide douches.  As you know, you should not ****** more than once per month, and then only with water or very dilute vinegar.

One other remedy you didn't mention was Boric acid--this works for yeast.

600mg gel capsules inserted in the vagina twice daily.

For topical use and relief, (Seriously) try vegetable shortening--like Crisco.  It is very good for your skin, and won't cause additional inflammation.

Good luck!
Dr B
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