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Ovarian Cyst or Something More
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Ovarian Cyst or Something More

47 yr old - tubal ligation done 8 years ago.  Last year started having longer periods, still 26/28 days apart.  I will start as usual stop/slow for one day and then start all over again for 7+ days. This does not happen every month. This month I went about 6 days, stopped/slowed for one, then started all over again with lots of clots.  On the day I finally stopped I started having left sided ovarian pain with the pain radiating to my lower back when sitting down, felt bloated & did not want to eat as I felt so full/bloated plus after I ate I would start belching and my stomach would make noises all night, felt like I had to have a bowel movement as if constipated but then had diarrhea, pain behind left shoulder blade. 2 days later went to OB/GYN-cervix normal, left ovary felt a "little" swollen, but transvaginal ultrasound done.  Results:
Uterus:  Length - 9.82cm  Width - 6.27cm Height - 5.33cm Volume- 171.832cm(cubed) Endo Thickness:  9.84mm
Left Ovary:  Length - 5.45cm Width - 4.04cm Height - 3.69 cm Volume - 42.541 cm (cubed)
Right Ovary:  Length - 2.13cm Width - 1.55cm Height - 1.55cm volume - 2.679cm(cubed)
2D Measurements - Fibroids
Fibroid 1:  D1 1.68cm  D2 1.63cm  Average D 1.66cm  Vol. - 2.340cm(cubed)
Fibroid 2:  D1 1.62cm  D2 1.22cm  Average D 1.42cm  Vol - 1.256 cm(cubed)
UT WNL 2 small Fibroids seen anterior
LT OV Septated Simple Cyst
Dr. states cyst is what is giving me pain and will eventually go away - no medication/treatment given.  Told if I want to have an ablation done for long periods to call. Told could do a hysterectomy.  Let her know.
My question:  Still having same pain - is this all due to cyst or should we be looking for other causes?

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If you were my patient, I would consider doing an endometrial biopsy, and certainly would do it before I would do an ablation.  The cyst is probably causing your pain, but I would want to follow it up in 1-2 months to be certain that it had resolved completely.  I am slightly concerned about the septation.
All of the advise you received was OK, but I think you should strongly request to have another ultrasound in 1-2 months, or see another doctor if yours isn't inclined to do it.
Good luck!
Dr B
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To follow up...period stopped again for three days and woke up again this morning to passing clots (bright blood). This is the third time I had started again.  I am worried about cancers, but the doctor told me it was just "that time in my life" and the pain was from the cyst.  Please advise before I worry myself to death.
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