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Pap Smear and Dry Skin
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Pap Smear and Dry Skin

These are my questions:

1) I am 24 years old, last time I went to a ob gyn was 2 1/2 years ago, they did a Pap and HPV test, I have only been with 2 partners who have been tested for everything since I am OCD and extremely responsible and the second bf was tested for all except hpv. If I am only 24 can I only get tested for PAP and IF something comes abnormal THEN get tested for HPV or do I have to do both ?

2) Since nov 2011 I started to develope allergies , angioedemas on my face and head, but nothing on the rest of the body, I went to inmunologists, allergists, dermathologists, generalists, a lot of doctors they thought it might be lupus , it wasnt , my inmunne system was perfect and nobody could tell me what it was all doctors came to the same conclusion : Idiopathic allergies in other words, they didnt know, they all related the symptoms to stress. I am very anxious and Claritin took the allergy away. Whenever I am extremely anxious they start to swell and then I take a Claritin an it goes away. One of the dermathologists said that sometimes when women have pre-cancerous cells it could reflect as skin problems and she got me scared, but my other dermathologist never said such thing and he is a pretty good doctor. . I have an extremely regular menstrual cycle, almost no pain and my flow is normal.'Could it be something on my cervix? or pre-cancerous that leads to allergies?

3) Since some months ago every time Im gonna get my period my skin gets dried in 3 patches 2 on each side of the mouth and one on my cheek sometimes I only get one, and I have very oily skin. Is that a sign of something wrong? or just hormonal changes? IM scared and I just want to be more calm when I go to my appointment to the OBGyn.
The current ACOG recommendation for women aged 21-25 is to do a PAP and chlamydia test, but not hpv. So your request to not have it done is very reasonable.  Having allergies such as hives that are related to stress is pretty common, and if you were my patient, I would do the pap smear, but I would be almost completely certain that anything that shows up on the smear is unrelated to your allergies.  Certainly, it IS recommended to have an annual pap, so I would definitely encourage you to do that!
Good luck!
Dr B
Thank you that was helpful , also I wanted to ask,

1)if I had an abnormal pap smear (which I haven't but I will know pretty soon when I go to the ob gyn) Would the doctor do a leep or freeze my uterus like a procedure to remove cells if I have like a Type 1 =  abnormal cells? If they did this, could I have children afterwards?

2) Is there an HPV test for men? I feel irresponsable because my ex did ALL tests and I made him repeat them I have ocd but he didnt do the hpv  test and I always used condoms even if that doesnt protect from hpv. I was tested with my first bf for hpv in 2010 it was neqative but I spent 7 months sexually active with my second and last bf so if i became infected with hpv it was since feb 2012 when I started to be with him after he got tested for all stds, so its only been a year, is that enough for cells to be precancerous?

3) If I had the high risk HPV strain the one that causes cervical cancer, how long could it take for the abnormal cells or hpv to turn into pre cancer? or cancer?

and last question, I wont bother you again I know Im annoying:

4) Im am extremely punctual with my period, its always on time I have never had irregularities. Is that a good sign of good health or could I still have something?

And Im sorry, I normally dont ask so many questions Im just really worried.

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