Smelly Discharge
by Fly688, Oct 30, 2007
Since i stopped breastfeeding i went on mu periods and so i after my second period i noticed a smelly discharge from my vagina VERY SMELLY i dont even like the smell myself.  I fear that my husband might leave me because each time we have sex this horrible smell fills the room and its so embarassing.  The discharge is not itchy but a tiny drop produces a big smell please help me before my hubby leaves me.  I am so worried
by Keith Downing, MDBlank, Oct 31, 2007

I suggest you see your ob/gyn to be evaluated for this odor.  Bacterial vaginosis is a common culprit as honey1982 notes below.  But an exam and evaluation of the vaginal vault will be very helpful.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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by honey1982, Oct 30, 2007
has he told you he would leave. and is the smell like fishy, and the discharge white or watery. is it a lot. does it smell like ammonia if so then you need to go to the doc and get pap test for bacterial vaginoisis it isnt a std it is a infection cause by an overgrowth of bacteria. you vaginal ph is off balance. try to drink mor e water only take showers only use antibacterial soap such as dial, eat yogurt , and stop having sex until you get the pap test the doc will give you metronidazole(flagyl) or metro-gel to treat the infection. but all of the above metnioned things can keep the infection from coming back. and never ****** or use feminine hyg. products i used to get recurrent bv. infection and now i dont and i am still witrh the same guy that ui was with when i used to get the infections. stay away from pastry and sugary foods. dont take hot baths because you will be sitting in dirty hot water which is a breeding ground for bacteria. whicjh breed in dark hot moist places. well good luck keep me posted.
by shell1322, Nov 05, 2007
I don't know what to tell you about your med. problem... I'd go see a doc asap. But I would like to say that if your husband is telling you he's gonna leave you because of this I'd let him go and say buh bye, because love should be unconditional especially in a marriage! If he makes you feel this insecure about your marriage than hes not worth it. I know this isn't what you wrote about, but I've been married for 3 years and theres nothing that will make us fall apart. We have complete trust, I never question if we are going to make it... we just are because we communicate, and solve problems together.... I don't know... I'm sorry if I'm outta line... But emotional pain can be just as deadly as any illness.  
by Fly688, Nov 07, 2007
No i dint say he wanted to leave but its just that the smell annoys me and at times i get to think that the smell really gets to him more than it does to me.  A friend of mine who is also a Pharcist once gave me some pills to inject but it didnt work these days i am bathing with cold water but still the smell is still there.  I was thinking of going for a pap test but its going to take me long to get the money but i have to sacrifice thanks for your advice guys i really appreciate it at times its good to talk to someone about these issues as you would get stressed trying to figure out the solution

by honey1982, Nov 07, 2007
no problem i know how you feel i used to have a smelly vagina becuase of bacterial vaginosis. but i dont anymore because my ob gave me some good tips which i use every day. maybe you can go to planned parenthood they do pap smears for free or you leave a donations of whatever you can give.
by Curious33, Nov 14, 2007
(I just typed a whole story to you and lost it!!!!)  Anyway Fly, I have the same problem that you do.  I do and did see my OB/GYN  for it.  He diagnosed it as BV and we've tried several pills (the sulfur disgusting!) and even told me to use a blow dryer to stop some of the moisture with a little Monistat.  My problem goes and comes, it could be months, then, BAMM, there it is.  I have never been so overwhelmed by anything in my life.  Working with the public and working so close with co-workers and subordinates doesn't help anything either.  I need help too, I was even wondering if I needed something removed.  Hmmm.  

I, too, have a boyfriend who is accepting it.  I know it has turned him off a few times, but he says he understands and he still loves me.  I am trying to eat a better diet, so I will be trying the yogurt more and hope that that helps my problem.  I have just never had the idea that something had crawled up into my insides and died!  Whew, the smell, the smell!!!! I get the small bit of light yellow discharge, with the HUGE smell.  Even though it is embarrasing, I sometimes but a tampon on so it can hold the smell it, that depressing.  I have a real problem feeling like a WOMAN, when I can't be free to go about my daily life without being bogged down with such a burden.  

I just read about Enzara.  It looks like it's over the counter.  It SAYS that it doesn't have any side-effects(???), and doesn't promote vaginal dryness.  I wonder.  I'm going to  give my doctor a call and ask about this.  Something has to give, cause I'm drained by this satanic thing that just won't go away!  Talk about FRUSTRATION!
by honey1982, Nov 16, 2007
maybe you can trying wearing a tampon dipped in yogurt for a night or two and see if that helps?
by toyin, Nov 16, 2007
i have this awful smell coming out of my vagina..n was told 2 use vagisil feminine wash,that it reduces the odor,but it still hasn't worked...and i also av some terrible itch around my vigina wall..i itch n hurt myself..
by honey1982, Nov 16, 2007
vagisil will upset the normal ph balance of the vagina. no women should use any feminine hygiene products. try to use dial antibacterial soap until you can get to the ob/gyn. you might have a bacterial vaginosis which is an infection. it is caused by an overgrowth of normal bacteria and isnt a std. even virgin get bacterial vaginosis. or you try a tampon dipped in yogurt but you should go and get a pap smear as soon as possible. those are sysmtpoms of bacterial infection. or could be a yeast infection. try using a warm bath with epsom salt to draw the infection out to relieve the itch.
goodluck hope i helped a little.