Thick Endometrium Lining
by REHBERGERS6, Jan 17, 2011
Hi, I am 41 years old and have regular menstrual periods every month with no bleeding or spotting in between periods...Back in July 2010 I missed a period and an ultrasound showed a thickened endometrial lining..I had a biopsy performed in the Dr's office and the results were benign...Periods after this have been normal...I just went for my annual checkup and was told the lining is 15mm thick..I am due for my next period on the 28th of this month...dr. said to wait it out and to come back in 3 months right at the end of my period and if the lining was still thick she would repeat the biopsy...Due to the fact that I had Thyroid Cancer 3 years ago my fears of having cancer again are unbelievable at times...So my question to you is How scared and worried do you think I should be that I have Endometrial Cancer with a benign biopsy 6 months ago? Is a 15mm thickness too thick for this time of my cycle? I am so scared and just the thought of waiting 3 months for a re-check is real scary..Just needed another opinion...also began to wonder if the high dose of synthroid that i am on since the thyroid surgery would have any effect on the thickening....Thank You, Laura
by Elaine Brown, MDBlank, Jan 24, 2011
I understand your concerns --- cancer survivors are always a little edgy, but they also seem to have a good grasp on how precious life is.
If I was your doctor, I would tell you exactly the same thing.  It is extremely unlikely that you have endometrial cancer if you have regular periods.  Ultrasound measurement of the endometrial thickness is really only useful in two situations -- the first is postmenopausal bleeding, and the second is infertility.  It just seems to cause problems for patients who are not in these two categories.
Good luck and relax about this one!
Dr B
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by sunami, Feb 02, 2011
Hi, the ultrasound indicates I have 5 firoids and the largest is 6cm. 2 years ago it was 5cm.  I have no irregular periods and normal bleeding.  I sometimes feel some pressure on my pelvis and the bloating.  My Dr wants to remove the uterus only.  Do I have to remove it? is it becoming cancer due to the fast growth?
by nini145, Aug 31, 2012
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