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inverted uterus & fibroids
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inverted uterus & fibroids

I was at the gyn yesterday for a follicular cyst - which he says is normal to have (hope it is). I had an ultra sound done and a vaginal one and they discovered I have an inverted uterus. I also have many fibroids - one that is 3.5 inches. He said my uterus in double in size and is pushing against my rectum leaving little room for either a penis or going # 2. He is suggesting a total hysterectomy. I am late 30's. I am wondering how rare this condition is and if this will pose more risks for sugery with my condition. Any suggestions?
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I suggest you formally seek a second opinion regarding these matters.  It is not clear to me why you would require a hysterectomy.  Do you have severe pain with intercourse?  
Do you have heavy periods?  Do you have pelvic pain or pressure?

It seems there are some important questions that need answering before you take on the risks of surgery.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
Hi, I\'m 35,I had a D&C nov 30 at 10 weeks, lost at 6.
The following month was fine no bleeding no problems. Started period Dec. 26 light brown discharge for 4 days followed by normal red blood flow for 3 days. Gyn visit was Dec. 27, all was well no infections. After
my period left about the 9th of Jan. Began feeling fatigued, some
nausea,some constipation, some loose bowls,horrible bloating, gas
lightheaded, mild cramping, headaches, alot of vaginal discharge but
it was normal discharge. I had unprotected sex the 4/13 of Jan, next
day had tingling breasts and sharp shooting pains in my vagina? which
also happend twicw at the end of the month. My next period was Jan 25
1st day was brown discharge, next day same mixed with pink blood/ watery looking.3 days following that a normal bright red blood flow/clotts. 3-4 days after that am experiencing headaches congestion, congestion pressure,fatigue,frequent urination, lots of white vaginal discharge/seems normal. some nausea, I eat, and yet my body feels as if I havnt eaten all day not soo much as a hungry feeling but but how you would feel run down if you havnt ate at all. On the 12 of feburary I felt a heaviness/pressure in my uterus, I could feel the whole mass of it. When I bent over or sat too fast it would hurt, the next day just a little sore. Now Im just feeling verry verry light pressure on and off. I had taken a pregnancy test wich was negative. Could this be from the surgery/hormonal imbalance, or horrible over staying it\'s not soo welcome in the first place pms? Which usually I get days before my periods,also periods always lasted 4 days 28 day cycle normal and verry rare I would experience any cramping.

Hi, I'm 25 years old, I have always had very long, painful and heavy periods. For about 6 months I haven't menstruated. My gyn says it's a simple matter of weight. I'm about 5' 8'' and normally weigh 140lbs, but with the recent death of my husband, for obvious reasons, i've had trouble keeping it on and have been between 115 and 120lbs max. I do understand that weight and body fat have an impact on normal menstruation but I have had quite a few previous gynecological issues and she refuses to do any further testing until I put on weight, (which isn't as easy for me as just eating more and will probably take about a year) My question is; should I push the issue of being checked out further or just accept the fact that until I manage to get my weight back up that's going to be my diagnosis from any md? It worries me because I feel like she wants to easily blame it on my grief and weight loss and even though this problem started 2 full months prior to him passing, she doesn't want to acknowledge it could be anything but those things. I suffer from a few disorders including Anemia, Celiac disease, and Interstitial Cystitis as well as easily getting both bladder and yeast infections. Point is, I have enough health problems that it seems a little careless not to check at least a few things. So, should I seek additional help, or just keep trying to get back to my normal weight and accept that even though it may be something else, until the weight can be ruled out no one's going to test for anything more?
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