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transvaginal ultrasound results
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transvaginal ultrasound results

I had been having discomfort on my right side and my doctor ordered an ultrasound, so
I recently had a transvaginal ultrasound and here is a summary of the results:
There is a 0.9 cm myoma in a normal size uterus.
The fundal portion of the endometrium is thickened, measuring 1.6 cm in diameter.
A 0.7 x 0.5 x 0.9 cm echogenic nodule is present in the mid fundal portion of the endometrial cavity, suspicious of a polyp.
There is no flow within the endometrium by color doppler evaulation.
The previously described 1.5 cm avascular echogenic nodule in the left ovary is unchanged, likely a dermoid.

Should I be concerned with this result? what does this all mean?  
(I am 45 yrs old)
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If you were my patient, I would interpret the results in the following way:
The myoma is benign and nothing to worry about at all. They are very common and usually don't cause any problems.  The dermoid cyst in the ovary is benign and also probably nothing to worry about, as the results suggest that it has been there awhile without changing.  These are also common, benign cysts.  They sometimes need to be removed if they grow or twist.  The polyp in the uterus should probably be removed by D&C/hysteroscopy.  These are usually benign and often cause irregular bleeding or spotting. They can cause problems if they are not removed.  The surgery is a minor, day procedure. Unfortunately, I don't see anything here that explains right sided pain.  GI tract?
Hope this helps!  
Dr B
Thank you for your answer. I have sought out 3 drs. opinions. One dr. told me that i need to have my left ovary removed because of the dermoid.  The other two seemed to be not very concerned about it and said to follow up with another sonogram in a year.  I am very scared and not sure what to think.  I worry, could it be cancer..? Can these types of cysts turn into cancerous cysts?
Also I have been having very peculiar thick white discharge for 5-6 mos. I have been tested for everything under the sun and everything comes out negative- cultures, hpv and have been tested for all types of infection. Although the tests come back negative, I have itching/burning off and on.  Could the cyst or the polyp in my uterus be causing this??  One dr. told me I must have alot of estrogen..
I am fed up with getting no where on these issues. Can you help with any input?
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