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Why am I hungry?
Hi everyone.  I started the hcg diet this past Saturday.  Today is my 2nd day on the 500 calories.  Yesterday I was so hungry all day so I tried to space out my fruits and melba toast to get me through the day.  Today I felt great all day until after I ate lunch.  It is 4pm and I am STARVING.  I am thinking maybe I am not eating enough?  I am not sure.?  I am little confused on what I should be eating.?
Question....if I make a salad can it be lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes all in the same salad?  From what I have been reading I am not supposed to mix??  Am I wrong?  Also I didn't realize it was 3.5 oz of veggies and protein.  I thought it was just 3.5 oz of protein then you are to eat veggies.
I think I am having a hard time because I am a breakfast person.  I have been eating my lunch fruit as my breakfast.  For lunch I made the Crab Bisque recipe which was fantastic.  It says it is 1 protein and 1 vegetable so that is all I had for lunch and 1 piece of melba toast....is this right?
Any help is appreciated.
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