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Dental HIV risk
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Dental HIV risk

I have waited to post my last question after my first thread. Sorry for my english (french).

I went to the dentist to put my fallen crown back on january 13.
There was a red stain on the light above him. It was not flowing.
It was really red like paint, not a dark red....blood ? What else ?
He touched it to adjust the light, then touched my crown and fixed it directly in my bleeding jaw. A slight bleeding to be honest, but still one. I saw it when I washed my mouth.
I was so silly not to ask at that time. I did not want to feel stupid and I supposed he would not have admit anything about the hygiene in his office, even if a not seen blood stain may happen.
Plus, he did not open a sterilized bag in front of me. Everything was ready when I came in. I was an emergency and he took me quickly between two patients because I did not want to spend a week end without my tooth.
I feel like a paranoid victim and please answer me the same question : Do I need to test ? I have always in my mind the worst possibilities
The situation that you describe would have not put you at risk of HIV infection and therefore there is no need for you to worry or to get tested.  In any case, HIV does not survive outside of the body for very long, become unstable after a few seconds.  And in any case, we do not know what that stain was in the first place.
In my opinion, I think that you are overreacting and that you do not need testing.
Best wishes,
Dr José
Thank you Dr Gonzalez-Garcia,
I will try now to put my mind at rest. You and Dr Cummings are doing a great job on this great helpful forum. Please continue.
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