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Doctors opinion appreciated
Hi there,
Ive been worrying for a few months now.Im a straight male and approximately 4 months ago i met another male online. For around 30 minutes he masturbated me, i didn't ejaculate however and didn't touch his penis. This is the only sexual encounter ive ever had with a male. Ive been toying with the idea of getting tested at my local GUM clinic as a result. I realise that mutual masturbation carries very little risk but i seem to over think these things. I ordered 3 rapid home test kits from China (the ones you do yourself and the results are ready in a few minutes) the site i bought them from says they're FDA approved. All 3 appeared negative when i performed them.

My questions are:
1) Do i need testing at my GUM clinic?
2) Should i take the test kits as being conclusive?

Kind Regards
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There is no chance - at all - of you catching anything from this. You don't need to worry about it or have any tests.

If you are planning on having sex with males again then I would always suggest having a hepatitis B vaccination course and you may wish to consider wart virsu - HPV vaccination.

You will NOT get a disease from what you have described.

Best wishes, Sean
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