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French Kissing
Last night I called a CSW and engaged in french kissing a few times. I checked today for open sore on the lips and mouth and there were none. However I have bad gums and sometimes they bleed when brushing my teeth. Today in the morning the gums did not bleed but this afternoon they bled a bit after brushing. I have read that although very rare there have been a few reported cases of transmission through kissing. I am in a relationship and I am concerned that I could have been infected. I would appreciate your advice as to the risk involved and whether I should get tested for HIV considering that I am in a relationship and I have unprotected sex with my girlfriend.
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Thank you for your post.
I can assure you that kissing is safe and there is no risk of HIV infection this way.
No need to worry and certainly no need to get tested.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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