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Level of HiV Risk
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Level of HiV Risk

Dear Dr,
I asked this question in community forum but I think I need to hear info from a medic too.
Close relative HiV+ has been on meds for 14 years or so, viral load undectable. Was sitting less than half meter away and felt some spit land on my lips. My questions are (please can you answer all);
1. Was I exposed to HiV? And would this warrant an HiV test or PEP though its too late now.
2. My lips were cracked/chapped (no bleeding) but would this be a route to my blood stream?
3. I have read that Hiv concentration is too low to infect and that not only parts of Hiv is present in saliva is both true? I.E. you need a certain amount to cause infection do you know how much? Also is the 'actual whole infectious virus' actually in saliva the way it is in blood?
Sorry for all the questions I just want to fully understand what risk if any I may have had. Thanking you in advance.
Thank you for your post.  I will answer each of your questions here below:
1.) No, not at all.  Saliva does not carry the virus and cannot infect.  No need of testing and certainly PEP is not indicated.
2.) This does not matter.  That would not be a sufficient way into your blood stream.  And saliva does not infect.  In fact it neutralises the virus.
3.) That information is not correct as mentioned above.  I can assure that you can kiss your relative and there would be no risk of HIV to you, even if his viral load was not undetectable.
No need to be so concerned as there were no risks to you at all whatsoever.
Best wishes,
Dr José
Dear Dr.Jose,
Thanks so much for your response it has given me comfort over the last few weeks and I read it often when I am doubtful. To alleviate my fears I had a rapid test at 6 weeks which was negative. Considering my concern of HiV risk as previously explained and recent test I am still anxious. So would you consider my test at 6 weeks conclusive?
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