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Looking for Closure
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Looking for Closure

Dear Doctors,

I started here a couple of months ago and I would like to end here as well hopefully putting all of this behind me and bringing me some closure.  A brief recap of my story is as follows:

- Married man, Went to a massage parlor 8 weeks ago and received unprotected oral sex from the female worker.
- It lasted maybe 5 minutes and I did ejaculate but not in her mouth
- While there I did receive a small wound on the side of my penis.  It was smaller than the tip of my pinky finger resembled a scratch or a chafe.  There was no running blood but upon pressing my finger firmly against it a faint red spot would appear on my finger tip.  Within 24 hours this wound was healed and not visible on me at all.  
- I am in therapy for some extreme levels of anxiety and guilt, it has been going well.  My wife has been excellent and is ready to resume sex our life.  I can’t seem to get there with her.

Following the advise of the Dr. Jose here I did see my family doctor and I spoke to a sexual health counselor on numerous occasions.  I had testing done for numerous STDs and HIV at 2 weeks and 5 and half weeks.  40 days to be exact.  The HIV test checked for both the presence of antibodies and antigen.  I have not symptoms up to this point.  Both my family doctor and sexual health counselor have advised me that no further testing is required and added that I have not acquired any STD and certainly not HIV due to this exposure.  I should put this behind me and resume sex with my wife if she has forgiven me, which she has.

I have found this website to be an excellent resource and I guess I am looking for one last opinion/piece of advice.  Would you agree with the advice I have been given? Again thank you so much.   And I do hope this is my last post and I continue to move on, find some closure and put this event behind me

Thank you,
Hello Darren,
Thank you very much for your post and apologies for the delay in this reply.
I totally agree with the advice that you have been given by your doctor and counsellor.  Your negative test results are final and fully conclusive.  You are HIV negative without any doubt, and you have not acquired any STDs.
Best wishes,
Dr José
Thank you again Doctor. Your responses are much appreciated.  Best wishes to you as well!
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