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Low grade fever for 5 weeks
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Low grade fever for 5 weeks

Hello. Thank you in advance for your advice.  9 weeks ago I received unprotected oral sex (including rimming) from a female I met in a bar (no idea of her sexual history). 2 weeks later I developed two areas of rash/inflamation in my gential (genital) area (one near my anus and one near my pelvis, but not on my penis). At roughly the same period I had protected vaginal sex with another woman (who told me she has clean history). I performed unprotected oral on her.
This was about 7 weeks ago. A few days after this I came to realize that my "rash" was turning into more of a "sore" in both spots. This led me to believe that I had contracted HSV from the first woman. About 6 weeks ago,
as the sores were healing, I developed a head cold (stuffy nose). As this was clearing up (5 weeks ago), I developed an off & on low grade fever (99 to 100.5, but usually below 99.5) that has not gone away. I also had a very brief rash under both armpits for only a few days. I also deveIoped one single sore on my thigh (second HSV outbreak?) which seemed more like an insect bite to be honest but it was accompanied by pain in the nerve of the leg at same time for only about 2 days (prodrome?) I also had swollen lymph nodes in my neck (but no sore throat). I also have had mild white coating (thrush??) on my tongue ever since. My swolleness seems to have gotten better but the fever remains. No headaches. My skin from the neck up seems very warm to the touch (like a sunburn would feel). I have not been to any doctor as I am waiting for new insurance to take effect before I go in I have scoured the web and have used alot of what I learned to help describe my specific symptoms.
In your opinion, any chance I am presenting with start of HIV? If not, do you feel my symptons are just part of a roughly 6 week period for a primary HSV outbreak??? Any other guesses? Thanks!!
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Good Morning

I am so sorry we're late answering this question.

I don't think there is anypossibility of you having contracted HIV from the episodes you have described. Being rimmed and being sucked does not pose any threat at all of HIV acquisition.

In terms of HSV, I doubt this also. It is much more likely that you have a simple, self-limiting and minor skin infection with a bacteria rather than HSV.

You should though take it seriously as you are doing and have the HSV issue checked out at a doctor, include syphilis testing and if any lesions are present at the time of seeing a doctor then they will likely want to swab the areas.

kind regards, Sean
Thank you doctor. Is having the low grade fever for 5 or 6 weeks mean I should be seeking urgent care/hospital immediately or is waiting for a few more days to see my primary doctor acceptable?

Besides the various STD testing, do you recommend any other specific test I should be asking the doctor for?

Finally, does my list of symptons sound like I might have CFS/EB or a similar condition??

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