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Nail fungus?
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Nail fungus?

Dear doctor

Approx 14 months ago had an incident whereby condom broke during intercourse with a csw in Mid East?im male and was with a female! I'd say exposure was about 30 to 45 seconds. I guess I did get a fright but was assured by her no worries and considering I didn't seem to get any symptoms put it out of my mind! In the last 3 months I have developed what may be fungal infection both thumb nails ( or nail psoriases - I have a good bit although first time on nails) Again thought nothing of it until a friend I confided in said my nails are most likely fungus resulting from an opportunistic infection- and my nails is a classic indicator of hiv infection.  This has needless to say freaked me out

. 1) My questions are what are the chances of infection per chance assuming she has hiv?

. 2) Can opportunistic infections appear after just 1 year?

Thanks in advance for you answers

Best wishes

Thank you for your post and apologies for not having been able to reply sooner.
1) My questions are what are the chances of infection per chance assuming she has hiv?
The estimated HIV risk for a man having unprotected vaginal intercourse with a HIV positive woman is less than 0.1%; this would be even less in your case because the time of exposure was very brief, and we do notknow the status of the lady.
2) Can opportunistic infections appear after just 1 year?
That is very unlikely.  Nail fungal infections are very common and they are not usually associated with HIV.
For your peace of mind, I would recommedn that you get a HIV test, as I am sure that it will be negative.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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