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Possible HIV exposure - Please help
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Possible HIV exposure - Please help

Hi Doctor

Around 10 days back I got massage on my penis from a sex worker. Before massaging me she put a wet towel
which I think she had used to wipe her vagina and removed the towel applied some lotion(maybe body lotion)
and masturbated me. In the meanwhile I fingered her ***** as well. I am worried that me masturbating
after fingering her might pose a threat of spreading HIV(If she had HIV, She being a csw chances are high).
Also I am unaware whether she had massaged anyone else before me. I am very tensed of the threat of having contacted HIV.

4-5 days after the incident I am having slight fever with some tiredness and it has persisted for 3 days.
Also am experiencing loose stools since today. Had been to a doctor he told I do not have flu but looks
like a viral infection.
Do I need to go for HIV testing? Now I am very tensed of HIV having passed on.
I am planning to ge a test done using the home testing kit.

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Now, lets get some things straight shall we?!

1) You will  NOT acquire HIV infection from your activity you have described.

2) the fingering does NOT pose a risk to you

3) whatever happened to the towels is irrelevant

4) you do NOT need an HIV test in respect of this episode

5) a home HIV test is not appropriate because a) they are unreliable b) even if they were reliable you would need to wait until 3 months c) you don't need one anyway.

Best wishes, Sean
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Thanks for the assurance Dr Sean . But I have flu like symptoms,.
I first faced this symptoms 4-5 days after this incident and I had mild fever with tiredness, but no cold.
It seemed to have subsided after a couple of days, but now it looks like I have slight fever with diarrhea. Are you sure these are not symptoms of ars?
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