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Possible HIV exposure
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Possible HIV exposure

I am not going to go over the gory details. I have previously inquired in regards to the subject, I had a very high risk situation awhile back.Since then I have  purchased the Home access express kit and received a negative result at about 85-90 days post exposure. This has done wonders to lessen the major anxiety I had within that time frame. However I am debating whether or not I should take another one at a certain point in time or can I trust the results I have been given? And is returning to the wonderful world of coitus a safe endeavor?
Thank you for your post.
It is difficult to assess the risk without knowing the specific circumstances.  Something that might seem as high risk for you, it might not be in reality.
Anyhow, most antibody tests (including the one you have used) are considered fully conclusive after 12 weeks (84 days).  Therefore I would trust those results.
Sex is good for you, provided is always safe.
Best wishes,
Dr José
Hi there,

Sorry about the tough situation! Hope you're hanging in there.

HIV antibodies (the sign of a positive infection, which would be detected in that home test of yours) often appear within a few weeks to 3 months of infection.  However, it is possible in some people that the antibodies won't be present until around the 6 month mark.  So, I would recommend that you take another test in about 3 months just to be safe.

If you think you've been exposed to HIV, I'd also recommend going to a clinic or your doctor to be tested for other sexually transmitted infections.  There are some which have few or no symptoms- just to be safe!

Finally, when it comes to current or future sexual activity- again, be safe- use condoms all the time, to protect yourself and your sexual partners.

I hope that was helpful!

Mel (HIV/AIDS Researcher)
Would you elaborate on your professional credentials please? What university/institute are you are associated with? What is your experience with HIV/AIDS? Are you an MD, PhD, or just a "researcher?" What journals have you published in?

The advice you are handing out seems outdated by almost all standards.

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