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Dear Doctors,

I was in Bangkok in 29 th of August, and i went to a blow job bar, the girl put a condom on me and start giving oral sex, then still with my condom i did some frottage up to her vagina, lips clitoris etc, but as i could remember no penetration. Then i change condom and put another one and did the same thing oral plus frottage til i ejaculated on her breast.

After i found a soap in the toiled wash my hans penis and went home. My questions is that i couldn t remember if the condom was broken or not, i haven t checked both of them, while putting my second condom on i may have been with vaginal fluids while taking out the other one.
2 weeks after, i had like bleeding teeth, and after five weeks till now i have buzzing hand and feets all day long, i read in the net sorry i m french, neuropathie peripherique and it says that is common with hiv symptoms at any stages.
i still have those symptomes of buzzy hands. i went in a thai hospital where i got a rapid test at five weeks, don t know about the test they did to me but it returned negative, it was written sensibility 99,6% and specificity 99.8%
, the day after i got my neuropathie symptoms, So i decided to wait another weeks excactly 43 days, to get a retest, i ask for a normal screening hiv test, after three hours of stress the result was negative, the test was gpa, gelatin particle agglutination usually used by who, it s a rapid test again, but negative, it says on the paper sensitivity is 100% as specificity well.
As i was still anxious i decide to ask further question to the company who did the test and i have those answer

Thank you for asking our product.

1. Normally, GPA testing is categorized  as rapid test in WHO procurement list.

2. I do not understand what you said.
THen i d like to know if it s 2nd generation test or 3rd generation

    compare to the Elisa method?
    Because Elisa 3 rd generation at six weeks post exposure is reliable

Do you mean combo test ? Detect HIV antigen and antibody in a test ??

If so, SERODIA detects HIV antibody.
So it can not detect HIV antigen.
It means that SERODIA detects HIV not so fast compare with current test.

But SERODIA employs native antigen.
It can detects well.

So not really reliable at 6 weeks i would guess.

I m so freak out about all this, and why my neuropathie or it s king is still here., i m affraid to late seroconvertion etcc...
i m married and feel so guilty about that.
Shame to me that i didn t do a combin elisa test, everything would be ok by now, i really feel like i have hiv in my body now.

Everywhere says that a rapid test like i did as no meaning by six weeks, only three month,

Sorry for this long post

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Thank you for your post and apologies for the delay to reply, but we have been extremely busy in the clinic this week.
First of all, I would like to say that I do not beleive that you put yourself at risk of HIV infection in the first place.  A condom was used and there was no penetration anyway.  Even if you had not used a condom or the condom had not been intact, receiving oral sex and doing frottage would have not posed any real risk of HIV infection.
Now regarding your tests.  They seem to be all 3rd generation antibody tests.  Even though most guidelines would consider them final and fully conclusive after 12 weeks, in reality they are reliable already after 6-8 weeks as most people would have sero-converted by then.  Bearing in mind that your sexual encounter had virtually no risk of HIV at all, combined with all those negative tests, I would be able to conclude that you DO NOT have HIV.  Symptoms are irrelevant and unhelpful as they are not specific to HIV, and they are most likely to be related to your anxiety about the whole thing.
In summary, I consider your negative serology test at 8 weeks to be conclusive and that would exclude that any of your symptoms had anything to do with HIV sero-conversion.  Most people seroconvert between 2 and 6 weeks after any possible exposure.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Hi there -

You should get an answer soon, and it's a doctor forum, not a member community.  Our doctors in this forum are very good about answering within a few days.

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Thank you doctor, but have you ever hear on accuracy on gpa test please??
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Thank you doctor, but have you ever hear on accuracy on gpa test please??
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Thank you doctor, but have you ever hear on accuracy on gpa test please??
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