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Risk assesment
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Risk assesment

Hi doctor,

I need your assesment for the following exposure:
I went last week to do a massage in 5 stars hotel in Antalya in Turkey, no sexual activities at all, but after I did an oil massage I am started thinking about Hiv, my concerned that they gave me a new despicable underwear before a massage to wear it. I started thinking that this disposable underwear is contimenated with any blood or secretions from others, that due to my OCD.
My questions are:
1) did I put my self at any risk of HIV even this underwear is contimenated with any blood or secretions?
2) do I need HIV or any STD test?
3) can I move on and continue my life?
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Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum.  Here below are the answers to your questions:
1) No, no risk of HIV or any other STDs.
2) No, you don't.
3) Yes, you can move on.  
Best wishes,
Dr José
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had a protected sex with a prostitute in thailand.on july 10 2012 .initially we both had shower with out touching each other. then she put condom on my penis and given some oral sex on my condom covered penis for leass tha a minute. and i did vaginal intercourse with the same condom and i finished with in less than a minute. i removed my penis and she carefully removed condom with her hand. now iam very scared of contracting any hiv or any stds to me because i dont know the status of her. so please help me
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