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Risk from FIV+ cat
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Risk from FIV+ cat

Dear Sir,

A US patent given to Dr Janet Yamamoto consern the capacity for FIV to be transmitted to humans.
I am sorry I ever did this reaserch. I have a cat that is FIV+ I am now worried I might catch FIV and get sick and even worse give it to my girlfriend.

text from the patent:
The subject invention concerns materials and methods for detecting, preventing and treating infection by FIV in humans and other non-feline animals susceptible to infection by FIV. The present invention is based on the surprising discovery that FIV can be transmitted from cats to humans and can infect human cells in vivo. Human subjects have been identified that are FIV positive and appear to have been infected through contact with their pet cats. Infection of humans by FIV has been demonstrated by confirmation of the presence of FIV nucleotide sequences in human cells using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and by Western blot detection of FIV proteins expressed in human cells. Sequence analysis confirms that the subject is infected with FIV. Both of the human subjects infected with FIV identified thus far are currently clinically and immunologically asymptomatic. It has also been demonstrated that antibodies to FIV cross-react with HIV proteins. In addition, antibodies from FIV vaccinated animals can neutralize HIV-1 virus. The subject invention also concerns materials and methods for preventing and treating infection by HIV in humans.

What does this mean? Have it bean confirmed by HIV scientists that FIV is dangerous to humans?
I have not found any medical paper that confirm these findings, but the Patent went trough though!
Even if it where possible it must be 0 risk because if people would get sick of FIV it would have bean noticed, right?

If you are interested here is the whole patent text

Hello Nico,
Thank you for your post.
As the paragraph attached mentions: 'Both of the human subjects infected with FIV identified thus far are currently clinically and immunologically asymptomatic.'  This indicates that FIV is not harmful to humans.
Our bodies are constantly exposed to different micro-organisms and many of them do not cause any health problems.  The main relevance of that research if for possible use in the fight against HIV.  As far as I know FIV cannot cause any harm in humans.
I do not believe that you need to be concerend at all whatsoever.  Just get your cat checked by your vet, if you are worried about his/her health!
Best wishes,
Dr José
Thank you for your responce! I dont understand why I cant find any big news about this! Isn't this a big thing? I mean for FIV to jump the speciec-barrier? Why would humans develope antiboddies to FIV if it where not a threat? What does immunologicly asymtomatic mean? Does this mean that FIV cant reproduce new virus in humans becouse we are not felines? That would make sence! If FIV where dangerous we would now about it, Right??
Best regards
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